Baby Loves Swimming

I cannot tell you how much Baby loves swimming. Each time she sees her 2 jie jies swim at the pool, she will run to the drawer and pull out her jie jies’ old swim suits and put it on herself. Then she will plead with us to bring her along. But I am not ready to take another risk of letting her swim in the pool, knowing very well that a swimming pool may be teeming with bacteria. When she swam at the pool at Hard Rock Hotel Penang in December last year, she had a UTI attack 2 weeks later.

The best that daddy could do to placate his pitiful, pleading Baby was to put her on his shoulders and walked round the pool with her on top of his shoulders.

See how excited and happy Baby was here to be able to join her 2 jie jies swim… she was wearing Alycia’s very first swim suit, which is a 2-piece Pumpkin Patch bought from New Zealand.  However, the bottom was too big for my skinny mini and I had to let her wear another bottom meant for 18 months old toddlers.

Daddy put Baby on a swimming board and pushed her around the pool, as if she was on a boat 😀

After just 15 minutes in the pool, I quickly pulled Baby out and washed her down under thoroughly with water at the shower area next to the pool, then brought her up and gave her a good shower.  If Baby is free from UTI for another year, I will let her swim in the pool. 

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