“Ambil Pepper Kakak, Cheh Cheh Suck Thumb”

At 5 years 5 months, Sherilyn is still a thumb sucker.  She sucks her thumb when she’s sleepy, bored and when she’s in front of the tellie.  Each time we see her happily sucking her thumb away, we will reprimand her but she couldn’t be bothered, sigh!!   Recently, my mil would threaten to put pepper powder on her thumb whenever she catches her sucking thumb.  This would scare her but only for a minute or two and later when everyone else is busy with their chores again, her thumb is back right into her mouth!!  Me, I would threaten to take her pix and show the whole world.  This would deter her too but only for a short moment. 

Last night Sherilyn was again sucking her thumb while watching TV.  I was spoon-feeding Baby milk and I reprimanded Sherilyn for sucking her thumb.  When I had finished feeding Baby milk, I went into the kitchen to wash the cup.  Baby then ran to the kitchen and said this to our helper “ambil pepper kakak, cheh cheh suck thumb” and pointed to the pepper on the counter top.   My helper and I had a good laugh on hearing that LOL!   At 2 yrs 3 months now, Baby’s comprehension of the Malay language is pretty good and she can speak in Malay too.  Her favorite song is ‘Bangun Pagi, Gosok Gigi’ and she can sing the entire song, complete with actions 🙂

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