Ridiculous Hair Sense

Sherilyn my #2 is very fastidious when it comes to her hair. Being a princess wannabe, she wants her hair long, very very long up to her waist but no way am I going to let her keep that long. It’s crazy to have a child’s hair kept that long when she doesn’t know how to care for her precious locks just yet. She loves to have her hair tied up and clipped but in the most ridiculouse ways ever LOL!! Here is just one of the funny hair style which she created herself :

Can you see that she has a bling bling butterfly hair clip on her fringe and a head band on top of it? LOL!!!   And it is a chore getting this fella to do her homework everyday.  She will come up with 1001 excuses to evade doing her homework and even when she finally does it unwillingly, she needs to do something else simultaneously… like eating a banana or perform some acrbatic stunts on the chair!!  That’s Sherilyn…

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