Instant Slim Look With Insta Slim Garments

I hardly ever indulge on a supper or a dinner later than 8pm. It takes a lot of discipline and will power not to succumb to those late night temptations. I can watch everyone in my family eat noodles, durians and desserts for supper and not lay my hands on them. Many of my friends who have a hectic lifestyle and have late dinners are on the plump side. My hubby is one of them. When we are asleep, our stomach is resting too. This means that the food we have eaten before won’t be easily digested, causing overweight. However, if you are eating at 6pm, our body is still fully working and the digestion process is performed perfectly.

My hubby works late on most days and eats his dinner later than 9pm on most nights. All these late night dinners ain’t doing any good to his belly. I was just telling him today that he should get himself an Insta Slim V Neck T-shirt to help him ‘conceal’ his beer belly.

I discovered Insta Slim garments while surfing the internet. These garments are no run-of-the-mill cotton garments. They are specially designed to help ‘conceal’ the ‘spare parts’ on your mid section instantly. Insta Slim are made of high quality fabric and can be worn under any clothing. While they help you look trim and fit, they also help you stay cool and comfortable.

Insta Slim garments are priced very reasonably. There is now a special ‘buy 1 free 1 offer’ while stock lasts. If you are doubtful about these garments, worry not as there is a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked! If only these garments are available here, I will surely get this V-neck Insta Slim for my man so that he can get an instant slim look 🙂

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3 Little Samsengs

Friends and strangers always tell me that I’m lucky I have 3 girls as girls are more demure and not so hyper active, more laid back and not so rambunctious BUT I beg to differ. I always tell them, “wait till you come to my home and you’ll see their true colors!”

Check them out at home. Tell me, do your daughters sit like this? Or just mine? I never sit like this! So I wonder who they learned this from??

On another note, I’m glad that Alycia is a responsible jie jie. Her Mandarin tutor has assigned a task to her – that she is to flash cards of Mandarin characters of 1-10 to Sherilyn at home. And she obediently toed the line, brought the flash cards along with her and flashed them to her sis on our way to church on Sunday!

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Homemade spaghetti bolognaise

I made spaghetti with beef bolognaise sauce for lunch the other day. And the sauce is a healthy and wholesome one with lots of chopped celery, carrots, tomatoes, big onions and fresh shiitake mushrooms.  The bottled spaghetti sauce is supposedly preservative-free and MSG-free.

This plate is for Baby. Check out the 2 containers at the background. That’s for deep-freezing for Baby’s lunch / dinner next time (usually eaten in less than 2 weeks).  Her serving is always topped with extra mushrooms as she’s a great fan of mushrooms, just like #2. #1 hates mushrooms!

And this bowl is for my mum – vermicelli bolognaise! My mum, just like me, does not like spaghetti but loves rice vermicelli.

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Only Works Well Under Pressure

Sherilyn is the most ‘lau hei’ (dilly dally) 5yo girl I have ever known. Unlike Alycia who is very anxious whenever it comes to completing her homework, Sherilyn will only have the urgency to start doing her homework at the eleventh hour.

Each day, I need to remind her umpteen times to do her homework. She will take her books out but barely 5 minutes into sitting on the chair, she will surely be distracted by something else.   Sometimes both of us will forget all about her unfinished homework until the next morning.

This fler woke up at 5:45am to complete her homework one morning.   Without wasting any time, she wrote at the quickest speed I had ever seen and within 10 minutes, she completed her homework!  If only she could have this speed and enthusiasm everyday.  This little girl is the type of person who will only have the zest and enthusiasm to do anything at the eleventh hour.  Oh well, some people are just like that…  they only work well under stress and pressure!

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Gold The Buzz Word Now

Gold must be the new buzz word now. Everyone is talking about gold jewelry and investing in gold. I was at Chinoz On The Park @ KLCC yesterday for dinner and a group of tourists from the Middle East were talking about and comparing the gold jewelries that they had just bought from the jewelry shop. They had gold jewelries all over their body. Gold is a safe bet for investment and if you have some extra cash, it’s a good idea to invest in some gold bullion. You’ll be surprised if they cost double the value 10 years down the road. Well, the gold jewelries that I received from friends and relatives during my wedding 10 years ago are worth almost double the price now!

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Meat Lover

Here’s another post on food, glorious food! And I think many of my readers love reading about what I cook, what I eat, where I eat and anything on food coz we are afterall Malaysians who all love food eh?

Ever since Baby started to have more pearly whites, she has been enjoying her food more and I recently discovered that she lurves meat, particularly chicken / pork ribs with BONES as she loves sucking the bones like a little puppy ahahahah!  Now I need not worry about her weight anymore and she needs not drink the expensive Pediasure anymore to boost her growth. I think her weight is slowly but surely going up with all the meat binging, though I do limit her red meat intake… with no limit on fish and veggie.

Here’s Baby savouring the pork rib that koong koong cooked…..

Oooohhhh, really yummy!!

The delish braised pork ribs dish that koong koong cooked….

Steamed fish paste with minced pork that koong koong whipped up…..


Braised ‘sar keong’ (sand ginger) chicken that koong koong cooked….

The girls’ all-time favorite dish – fried fish with tomatoes, tomato sauce and lots of big onions.

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My Homecooked Dishes

These are some of the simple and wholesome homecooked dishes that I whipped up recently:

Stir-fried leek flower and celery with homemade fish paste.

Bean sprout omelette.  This dish was created after a grandma whom I’ve known at the morning mobile market saw me buying bean sprouts. She then told me to try making bean sprouts omelette. Well, it was tasty… and wholesome too.

An assortment of mixed veggie. 
I had cooked a big pot of sauce with meat, mushrooms and egg ala Cantonese style for the yee mein for lunch in the afternoon. Since there was still so much sauce left, I blanched some brocolli, red capsicum and celery and poured the left over sauce into the wok and dumped in the blanced veggie. Then mix them well and served this as a new dish for dinner. It was delish too!

Our steamed 10-grain rice.

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Swimming With Koong Koong

When my dad was here last week, the girls jumped on the opportunity of having an indulgent koong koong around. Sherilyn who is an opportunist brought koong koong down to the mini market and made koong koong buy her junk food and a whole bag of ice creams! She is going to be a gold-digger in future! Alycia who loves swimming, pestered koong koong to bring her down for a dip. And guess how long the dip in the pool was? A whole 2 hours til their skin became wrinkled and ‘chlorinxicated’ when they got up!

Me, I had some peaceful time at home while the kids were away and was the sleuth who snapped their pix at the pool from the 5th floor…..

Can you guess who is who in the pool?

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Homemade almond-cashew nut bread spread

I love bread and my ideal choice of breakfast is still wholemeal-multi seeds-multi nuts-multi-grains bread with some nice jams and bread spreads. But the problem is getting nice jams and bread spreads. Those off-the-shelf jams from the supermarket are often laden with sugar, food additives and preservative, which I hate. So despite being super busy, I whipped up some almond-cashew nut bread spread with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.

I never thought it could be so easy. First I toasted the almonds and cashew nuts in my oven. Then, fished out the blender which I had not used for ages and dumped those nuts in. Drizzle in the extra virgin olive oil and sea salt and mix well. Just add oil until the consistency is not dry  and lumpy but smooth and can be easily applied on the bread. Adjust the salt to suit your taste. You can also add in some sugar if you want.

Now, I have homemade kaya cooked using slow cooker and homemade healthy nutty bread spread! I am so not going to buy sugar-laden jams anymore 🙂 Hmmm, I can even sell my jams in my online store haha! But seriously, I don’t think anyone will buy coz they are expensive. A medium sized jar of almond-cashew jam that I made cost almost RM30 as nuts are very expensive.

My slice of walnut-wholemeal bread with homemade almond-cashew bread spread. Healthy stuff eh? iLike!

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Having Fun With Koong Koong

When my mum and dad were here last week, the girls had a lot of fun and bonding time with them. My dad who used to be very strict with us is an indulgent koong koong who loves to spoil the girls. Here are some heart warming moments the girls had with koong koong:

Alycia sipping koong koong’s red wine and said “hmmmmm, iLike it”!

Baby monkeying koong koong with her hat….

And koong koong preparing to bring Baby for a walk round the neighborhood after walking Sherilyn to school.

Today is my dad’s birthday and I would like to wish him a very very happy birthday papa. May God bless you with many, many, many more happy birthdays and bless you with good health always.

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My Cutie Pie

Baby started to learn dressing herself up several weeks back at 2yrs 4 months.  She looks too cute each time I see her trying to wear her pants by herself.  She would push me away and refuse my help as she says “I wear myself” whenever I try to help her.  She’s smart enough to sit on a chair or lean against the wall when she wears pants.  But at times, she will put both her legs into one side of the pants and look really silly and hilarious, like this….

And then her movements will be restricted with both her legs squeezed in one side of the pants, yet she will remain cool and nonchalent… but everyone surrounding her will burst out in a loud guffaw seeing this silly girl walk round the house in small steps like a little geisha….

My cutie pie, who never fails to make us laugh with her antics….

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Ramblers Way Super Comfy And Machine Washable Wool Apparel

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ramblers Way. All opinions are 100% mine.

One of the things that I dread doing before I go on a holiday to a cold weathered country is packing my bags. I need one medium-size luggage to put all my bulky winter wear and woolen garments. If I were to travel to a cold weathered country with my 3 girls now, I think I will need an extra large suit case to stuff in all our bulky woolen wear and paraphernalia. Another thing that I dislike is wearing the heavy woolen garments that would also send itch all over my body each time I wear them. As I was surfing the internet today, I discovered Ramblers Way’s super comfy, itch-free and next-to-skin soft worsted wool apparel.

I was browsing their website and was fascinated to learn that the Ramblers Way Farm uses a modern technology to manufacture smooth and luxurious wool from their sheep to create woolen garments that are light and super soft that can be worn year-round. Ramblers Way fleeces are cleaned using an environmental enzyme wash, not chlorine like many of the manufacturers, thus their wool clothing is machine washable.

If I were given a $200 shopping voucher to shop at Ramblers Way, I will buy this scoop neck short sleeve long top for my mum. My mum who feels cold easily would sometimes wear an inner wear under her blouse when she goes to cold places, and even to restaurants and shopping malls. This sleek, soft and super comfy wool top is an all-purpose garment and can be worn under any type of clothing, no matter how loose or tight, without bunching up or showing.

Though Ramblers Way apparel are slightly expensive, you can be rest assured that you are paying for a good quality product made in the USA from a family that is environmentally conscious and genuinely care for their sheep. Do visit their website at the link provided to check out their range of products.

Visit my sponsor: American Comfortwear

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Mom’s The Best

When my mom was here, she helped me quite a bit. She was my store’s QA controller and helped me check all the clothes when they arrived from the supplier, she was the Nanny 911 and helped me to tame rascal #2, the Nanny 911 who tried to help me to wean Baby off spoon-feeding and she was a great company to have. Now that she’s gone, the girls miss her terribly.

My mum playing a “who drinks the fastest?” game to encourage Baby to drink milk by herself without anyone spoon-feeding here. 

My most trusted store assistant helping me seal the pos laju bags….

My mum the Nanny who walked Sherilyn to school every morning….

 Baby also wanted to follow and insisted that she put a backpack too….

And these are all my customers’ parcels, ready to be picked up by the postman from Pos Laju….

The postman from Pos Laju collecting the parcels….

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Random Pix Of Health Freak Mom’s Angels

Here are some pix taken during my mum’s stay here with us last week. My mum had been a great help to me during her 1.5 weeks stay with me. Without her help, I’d have gone bonkers.  Last week, I had to check over 100 pieces of clothes for my customers and had them couriered out.  It was also Alycia’s 2nd term school exam.   She had gone back to Ipoh 2 days ago and I am now left all alone to fend for myself with 3 rambunctious rascals, boo hoo hoohoo….. mummy, pleazzzz come back to rescue me again!!

My 3 pretty & rambunctious angels… they break my back, they break my heart at times, they break my temper all the time but they are forever my most prized pocessions from GOD!  Thank you Lord for these 3 angels!

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Sherilyn My Super Vain Pot

Sherilyn my princess wananabe loves dressing herself up from head to toe like a Christmas tree. She even wears necklace and bangles at home. On some days, she will wear skirt and legging at home! When it comes to her precious locks, I always have to stop her from decorating her head with too many hair accessories, which always make her look ridiculously hilarious haha!. She just seems to have a fetish with her hair. Yesterday before we went out, she tied a pony tail. Then she clipped up her fringe with a butterfly hair clip and then topped it up with a Hello Kitty headband. She looked like a ‘little aunty’ with so many colorful accessories on her head and she refused to listen when we told her to remove some of the hair accessories. When we were in the washroom of the restaurant, she looked at herself in the mirror, wet her hair with some water, pat her cheeks and then smiled to herself in front of the mirror! This girl of mine is definitely going to grow up to be one very, very vain lady. And I won’t be surprised that she will badger her daddy to send her to one of those well-known hair schools in Wichita 10 years down the road.

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Every Part Of Her Reminds Me Of Something

Of my 3 kids, I think I have a softer spot for Baby, though I love all 3 very much. That’s because I have been through so much hardship and roller coaster rides with Baby and have seen how much my little trooper have suffered for the first 14 months of her life. Each time I dress Baby up, every part of her reminds me of something and makes me appreciates her more.

Her eyes – it reminds me that she had undergone a Chalazion eye surgery in March this year and I’m thankful to God that she still has her beautiful eyes.

Her chest – the little hole on the right of her chest reminds me that the surgeon had inserted a feeding tube through her chest to give her nutrients drips during her 3-week stay in the hospital in May last year.

Her abdomen – not a single day goes by without me looking at the 2 cuts on her belly. I thank God that Baby wasn’t taken away from me in May last year.

Her down under – it reminds me that she had to have catheter inserted into her down under almost every other month when she was a baby, for the nephrologist to collect her urine and for MCUG scans to be carried out.

Her chubby hands and feet – they remind me that her limbs were poked every month on end with jabs and catheters whenever she had UTI attacks for the first 14 months of her life.

Her nose – reminds me that an NT tube was painfully inserted through her nostrils, direct into her stomach during her stay in the hospital last May.

I am thankful that she can walk and talk. I remember our doctors telling us that some of the antibiotics may leave adverse reactions like hindering her bones growth and I was so worried that all the medication would also impair her speech development. God has answered my prayers. Baby is one healthy girl now, THANK YOU LORD!

This fler finds it amusing to drink water from an empty yoghurt cup!

And she still flat lines my heart beat everyday with her stunts!

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