Dreaming Of A Good School For My Girls

Alycia came home with a big smile on her face this afternoon. She looked too cute and funny when she smiles now as her 2 front teeth are missing. She then happily announced to us that she scored the highest mark in class for her Mandarin test in her 2nd term exam recently. She scored 98.5% and lost her marks to carelessness… again! This girl of mine always loses her marks to her carelessness. She was supposed to score 100% for her BM test in her last term exam but lost 1 mark due to a very careless mistake. Having said this, I am really proud of my baby for faring well in all her tests, especially in the Mandarin test paper.

One of my biggest wishes is to see my 3 girls graduating from the university. The hubs and I have been working very, very hard so that we have enough money to send our girls to study in a good school in future. We hope to be able to send them abroad to study in a good school but we know that it will be extremely taxing on our pockets to send all 3 of them abroad for further studies. If our financial permits, we would love to send them to a reputable girls’ school such as the Queen Ethelburga’s College in England. I have read good reviews on Queen Ehtelburga’s College and you will be surprised to know that this college awards over £2m in Scholarships and Bursaries each year!

Have I mentioned before that my other dream is to see my 3 girls winning scholarships from universities in future? That would really save us loads of money if they do. I pray to God that they will succeed in getting the scholarships and  I will be the happiest woman ever if they do 🙂

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My Homecooked Dishes

Despite being super busy with my online store and 3 high demand kiddos, I still make it a point to cook for my kids twice a day.

Here are just some of my culinary ‘display’ :

Braised potato chicken with tomatoes.  The sweet and sour taste of the tomatoes is very flavorful and can whet the kids’ appetite easily…

Stir-fried leek flower, Baby’s all-time favorite veggie…

‘Loh kai’ with bean curd (braised chicken with soy sauce, rose wine and five anise star)…

This is my kids’ all-time favorite and is the easiest ever dish to whip up for busy mums!  It’s a non-messy and easy to prepare dish without any frying and splattering of hot oil everywhere 🙂

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