A Sandwich That The Kids Absolutely Love

I hardly ever buy sausages and deli meat for my girls. I think they are in the same category with junk food as they are laden with preservatives, sodium and other food additives. Plus, you don’t even know the quality of meat used. As with all forbidden food, my kids absolutely love sausages. If I would just choose the easy way out and cook them instant noodles with sausages everyday, I think they will be very very happy and will gobble down their food in a jiffy without any nagging from me!

The other day, I finally submitted to Alycia’s pleas and bought a packet of chicken sausages. I boiled the sausages, fried some eggs and prepared sandwiches for the girls. I tell yer, they were too happy to see this on the dining table when they got back from school:

Sausages on a bed of fried eggs, cheese and butter-spread walnut wholemeal bread, topped with cool cucumbers and cherries.

I cut each sausage into 4 one quarters so that it would appear that there are a LOT of sausages on their plates haha!

And this rascal who is forever up to silly antics, put the cool cucumbers on her eyes and lay down on two chairs *roll eyes* !!

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A Joyous Birthday Celebration

We celebrated our dad’s 67th birthday in advance over the weekend. It was a very joyous occasion cum reunion as my brothers and sil from Singapore were back. We had a sumptuous lunch at a seafood restaurant, had a cake-cutting ceremony and then had a karaoke session. My dad was very, very happy and for the first time in my life, I saw him giving a thank you speech in front of us! Though there was no expensive presents and gold bullion from us, my dad was nevertheless very satisfied and one very happy man. I hope we can do this every year for his birthday.

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