Mom’s The Best

When my mom was here, she helped me quite a bit. She was my store’s QA controller and helped me check all the clothes when they arrived from the supplier, she was the Nanny 911 and helped me to tame rascal #2, the Nanny 911 who tried to help me to wean Baby off spoon-feeding and she was a great company to have. Now that she’s gone, the girls miss her terribly.

My mum playing a “who drinks the fastest?” game to encourage Baby to drink milk by herself without anyone spoon-feeding here. 

My most trusted store assistant helping me seal the pos laju bags….

My mum the Nanny who walked Sherilyn to school every morning….

 Baby also wanted to follow and insisted that she put a backpack too….

And these are all my customers’ parcels, ready to be picked up by the postman from Pos Laju….

The postman from Pos Laju collecting the parcels….

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