Meat Lover

Here’s another post on food, glorious food! And I think many of my readers love reading about what I cook, what I eat, where I eat and anything on food coz we are afterall Malaysians who all love food eh?

Ever since Baby started to have more pearly whites, she has been enjoying her food more and I recently discovered that she lurves meat, particularly chicken / pork ribs with BONES as she loves sucking the bones like a little puppy ahahahah!  Now I need not worry about her weight anymore and she needs not drink the expensive Pediasure anymore to boost her growth. I think her weight is slowly but surely going up with all the meat binging, though I do limit her red meat intake… with no limit on fish and veggie.

Here’s Baby savouring the pork rib that koong koong cooked…..

Oooohhhh, really yummy!!

The delish braised pork ribs dish that koong koong cooked….

Steamed fish paste with minced pork that koong koong whipped up…..


Braised ‘sar keong’ (sand ginger) chicken that koong koong cooked….

The girls’ all-time favorite dish – fried fish with tomatoes, tomato sauce and lots of big onions.

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