A Sandwich That The Kids Absolutely Love

I hardly ever buy sausages and deli meat for my girls. I think they are in the same category with junk food as they are laden with preservatives, sodium and other food additives. Plus, you don’t even know the quality of meat used. As with all forbidden food, my kids absolutely love sausages. If I would just choose the easy way out and cook them instant noodles with sausages everyday, I think they will be very very happy and will gobble down their food in a jiffy without any nagging from me!

The other day, I finally submitted to Alycia’s pleas and bought a packet of chicken sausages. I boiled the sausages, fried some eggs and prepared sandwiches for the girls. I tell yer, they were too happy to see this on the dining table when they got back from school:

Sausages on a bed of fried eggs, cheese and butter-spread walnut wholemeal bread, topped with cool cucumbers and cherries.

I cut each sausage into 4 one quarters so that it would appear that there are a LOT of sausages on their plates haha!

And this rascal who is forever up to silly antics, put the cool cucumbers on her eyes and lay down on two chairs *roll eyes* !!

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A Joyous Birthday Celebration

We celebrated our dad’s 67th birthday in advance over the weekend. It was a very joyous occasion cum reunion as my brothers and sil from Singapore were back. We had a sumptuous lunch at a seafood restaurant, had a cake-cutting ceremony and then had a karaoke session. My dad was very, very happy and for the first time in my life, I saw him giving a thank you speech in front of us! Though there was no expensive presents and gold bullion from us, my dad was nevertheless very satisfied and one very happy man. I hope we can do this every year for his birthday.

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All About My Little Rascal

I was in for a shock when I saw something that looked like blood on Baby’s leg the other day. I thought she had found the pair of scissors that I had hidden and cut her hair (again!) and probably cut her own leg. I quickly took a closer look and my fears were allayed when I realized that they were only stains from red dragon fruit.  Apparantly, rascal #2 had dropped some dragon fruit on her baby sister’s leg, phew!

Caught on camera again…..this little scavenger and opportunist again climbed up the dining table and grabbed the custard bun that her 2nd jie jie had left there…. and before anyone else caught her, she quickly stuffed the bun into her mouth!  Her 2nd jie jie was enraged I tell yer!

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Dreaming Of A Good School For My Girls

Alycia came home with a big smile on her face this afternoon. She looked too cute and funny when she smiles now as her 2 front teeth are missing. She then happily announced to us that she scored the highest mark in class for her Mandarin test in her 2nd term exam recently. She scored 98.5% and lost her marks to carelessness… again! This girl of mine always loses her marks to her carelessness. She was supposed to score 100% for her BM test in her last term exam but lost 1 mark due to a very careless mistake. Having said this, I am really proud of my baby for faring well in all her tests, especially in the Mandarin test paper.

One of my biggest wishes is to see my 3 girls graduating from the university. The hubs and I have been working very, very hard so that we have enough money to send our girls to study in a good school in future. We hope to be able to send them abroad to study in a good school but we know that it will be extremely taxing on our pockets to send all 3 of them abroad for further studies. If our financial permits, we would love to send them to a reputable girls’ school such as the Queen Ethelburga’s College in England. I have read good reviews on Queen Ehtelburga’s College and you will be surprised to know that this college awards over £2m in Scholarships and Bursaries each year!

Have I mentioned before that my other dream is to see my 3 girls winning scholarships from universities in future? That would really save us loads of money if they do. I pray to God that they will succeed in getting the scholarships and  I will be the happiest woman ever if they do 🙂

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My Homecooked Dishes

Despite being super busy with my online store and 3 high demand kiddos, I still make it a point to cook for my kids twice a day.

Here are just some of my culinary ‘display’ :

Braised potato chicken with tomatoes.  The sweet and sour taste of the tomatoes is very flavorful and can whet the kids’ appetite easily…

Stir-fried leek flower, Baby’s all-time favorite veggie…

‘Loh kai’ with bean curd (braised chicken with soy sauce, rose wine and five anise star)…

This is my kids’ all-time favorite and is the easiest ever dish to whip up for busy mums!  It’s a non-messy and easy to prepare dish without any frying and splattering of hot oil everywhere 🙂

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Rascal #2 doesn’t finish her food every single night! At 8:30pm every night on end, I will nag the same thing to her “finish your soup, finish your rice, you will be grounded if you throw your food again!” About 3 weeks ago, I really grounded her by removing all her privileges – no TV and no snacks for 1 week…  and I wrote the punishment order on a piece of paper and stuck it on the fridge door, to remind myself not to give her any snacks muahahahahah!!!

By dinner time, she was famished!! She was the first to reach the dining table and she climbed onto the table top to help herself hahahahah!

The dishes were not even placed properly on the table yet but this fler with a growling tummy couldn’t wait any longer….

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A Woman’s Best Friend

I have not known of any woman who does not like to buy gold and accessorize herself with gold jewelry. I grew up in a family of women who love gold to bits. My grandma used to wear a gold bangle made of pure gold which was a tad misshaped because pure gold is more pliable. My mother who was rewarded with gold jewelry each time she did well in her school exam also loves gold jewelry. My mum in turn also used to reward me with gold jewelry whenever I did well in my school exams when I was in school. I still have some of the old gold jewelry that my grandma and mum bought for me decades ago. I don’t think I will sell them though they can fetch a good price now. They will be my keep-sakes and I am going to hand them down to my own girls.

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Kaya (Coconut Jam) Cooked In Slow Cooker

I had finished my mum’s homemade kaya and bought those on-the-shelf kaya from the mini mart. But the kaya tasted awful – it was diabetes-inducing sweet and tasteless, with very little santan taste and a tad rancid taste too. My girls love kaya too and they had been asking me for kaya each time they ate bread. All of a sudden, I had a light-bulb moment. I remembered my mum making kaya on the slow cooker, which was way easier than cooking the kaya in a pot on the stove. So off I went to buy a packet of fresh santan during my morning run and set off to make kaya in the slow cooker when I came home.

I remembered my mum telling me that to make kaya, you need a bowl of everything – a bowl of eggs, a bowl of santan and 3/4 bowl of sugar (reduced sugar, should be 1 bowl too). I only used 1/2 bowl of brown sugar. I also blended some pandan leaves (screwpine leaves) and squeezed the juice out.

This is how the kaya looked like about half an hour later in the slow cooker:

Stirring is needed every fifteen minutes, else the kaya will turn into clumps.

This is my kaya an hour later.

The texture is not the smooth type but porridge-like consistency but I still loved it. It tasted really yummy – very ‘santany’ and not too sweet, iLike! I am surely going to make more kaya on the slow cooker very soon 😀

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Sherilyn’s First School Outing Without Daddy & Mummy

Yesterday Sherilyn went on a pre-school organized outing to Zoo Negara. It was her first ever trip with the pre-school without daddy and mummy accompanying her. She was very excited on Friday night and told me that she would wake up early and will not dilly dally. But a leopard’s spots never change. This fler dilly dallied away and requested to eat biscuits for breakfast as she drank her milk…. and took almost an hour to finish her breakfast. I was rushing her like a mad woman and then the house phone rang o_O….. her principal called to ask us to hurry up as the bus was about to leave…..!! My mum then brought her to the school but the principal called again just after they had left the house! She was the last to board the bus!

The house would always be filled with her whines, chatter and her singing songs on a normal day but yesterday our house was really quiet and peaceful haha! But we did miss that Ms Whiner and Ms Dilly Dally!

I was happy to see my baby back in one piece with a smiling face when I picked her up from school at 3pm. I asked her who ‘jaga’ her throughout the trip and she said her teacher did. She also said this to me “and I didn’t get eaten up by the tiger!” LOL!!!! Before the trip, I kept scaring this fler not to wander off in the zoo, else she would get eaten up by the tigers and bears. If you follow my blogs, you will know that this fler loves to wander off and hide herself to frighten me whenever we go out!

This picture was taken after the zoo trip.  The moment she came back, Alycia who was in the bedroom ran towards the main door and shouted excitedly “Kay Yi……. you are back!”  to welcome her sister home.  Alycia and Sherilyn are like cats and dogs most of the time, fighting and bickering over petty things but one thing is for sure, they still love and miss each other 😀

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Gold Is Good

The other day, my mum traded in her yellow gold earring that she bought aeons ago at only RM70. I was in for a big disbelief when she told me that she managed to trade the old gold earring at RM340! Gold is such a valuable asset these days and the price of gold has also been steadily increasing over the years. If you have some extra moolah now, it’s a wise move to buy gold bar or gold bullion. You will be in for some excitement years down the road when you decide to sell the gold and make some profit out of your ‘investment’.

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