Sherilyn’s First School Outing Without Daddy & Mummy

Yesterday Sherilyn went on a pre-school organized outing to Zoo Negara. It was her first ever trip with the pre-school without daddy and mummy accompanying her. She was very excited on Friday night and told me that she would wake up early and will not dilly dally. But a leopard’s spots never change. This fler dilly dallied away and requested to eat biscuits for breakfast as she drank her milk…. and took almost an hour to finish her breakfast. I was rushing her like a mad woman and then the house phone rang o_O….. her principal called to ask us to hurry up as the bus was about to leave…..!! My mum then brought her to the school but the principal called again just after they had left the house! She was the last to board the bus!

The house would always be filled with her whines, chatter and her singing songs on a normal day but yesterday our house was really quiet and peaceful haha! But we did miss that Ms Whiner and Ms Dilly Dally!

I was happy to see my baby back in one piece with a smiling face when I picked her up from school at 3pm. I asked her who ‘jaga’ her throughout the trip and she said her teacher did. She also said this to me “and I didn’t get eaten up by the tiger!” LOL!!!! Before the trip, I kept scaring this fler not to wander off in the zoo, else she would get eaten up by the tigers and bears. If you follow my blogs, you will know that this fler loves to wander off and hide herself to frighten me whenever we go out!

This picture was taken after the zoo trip.  The moment she came back, Alycia who was in the bedroom ran towards the main door and shouted excitedly “Kay Yi……. you are back!”  to welcome her sister home.  Alycia and Sherilyn are like cats and dogs most of the time, fighting and bickering over petty things but one thing is for sure, they still love and miss each other 😀

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5 thoughts on “Sherilyn’s First School Outing Without Daddy & Mummy

  1. hahahhahaha…it’s so funny that Sher said she didn’t get eaten by tigers 🙂 she must have talked nonstop yesterday to tell everyone her zoo adventure. is your mom here for a holiday? at least you get some extra help for a while eh?

  2. Mummy FINALLY can let go huh? :):)
    Way to go for Sherilyn on this major milestone!!
    P/S: Is that baby C on the left of the pix? Looks EXACTLY like Alycia!!

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