Pretty Hair Accessories And Clogs – Tresor

There is this little kiosk at Gardens @ Mid Valley that sells pretty hair accessories and clogs. The name of the stall is Tresor.  They have an outlet at Great Eastern Mall too.  Their products are mostly made in Vietnam. I especially like their range of Frangipani flower hair clips. When we saw the kiosk, my 2 little vain pots, especially Sherilyn went gaga over those hair clips and clogs! She wanted almost everything on display at the kiosk. After trying on a dozen of hair clips, she chose the frangipani flower hair clip.

And after trying on a dozen pairs of clogs, she picked this pink one ….

This frangipani hair clip cost RM8.90 (or was it RM15.90??), which I find pretty expensive for a plastic hair clip.

And I picked this pair of clogs / sandals for myself.  Nice or not? Say nice lar 🙂

Daddy got himself a pair of original Crocs. I find the original Crocs too expensive and not worth the money. I normally buy my Crocs from the pasar malam, which only costs me RM12 – RM30 a pair haha! Why want to spend so much on plastic shoes right? Call me el cheapo!

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Habits Are Hard To Die

Habits are hard to die. Remove the letter H, you still have ‘a bit’… remove the letter A, you still have ‘bit’ and remove the letter B, you still have IT!! Baby is having a ‘relapse’ and is back to her addiction of mummy’s boobs several days ago, albeit a mild addiction, which normally spikes during the day before her nap and when she wakes up from her nap. Today I brought out a red cili padi again… broke it into 2 and rubbed it onto my boops. But this boops addict ain’t scared. She put her mouth onto the spicy boops to lick it and then giggled and said “spicy”. Then this rascal took the chili and rubbed them onto my boops and she thought that it was funny. Then she rubbed them onto her own chest cheekily and played with the chili. Before I knew it, she rubbed her eyes with her hands OMG!! The consequence was disastrous suffice to say. She bawled and rubbed her eyes some more with me screaming and running to her and pulling her hands away…. quickly washed her hands but she bawled some more as the sting took effect on her eyes. I quickly wiped her eyes with a wet hanky, gave her some water and put some ice cubes into her cup of water and that managed to placate that rascal, phew!

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Cassandra’s First Night Of Sleeping Without Mummy Next To Her

For the first time in her life last night, Baby slept without me next to her. I have been drumming into her head lately, trying to brainwash her to sleep with her 2 jie jies, so that she can give us back our privacy and freedom…. free from having a kicking baby sleeping with us. Last night was easy. I did not even coax her. Baby climbed up Alycia’s bed, pulled the blanky over her body and said “goodnite mummy!”   When I said “goodnite Baby, see you, byyyyeeee”, she replied and said “byyyyeeee!” I was like “that easy huh??” Will she wake up at ungodly hours crying and looking for me? I then went to bed myself but with our bedroom door slightly ajar, just in case Baby came looking for me. But half an hour later, I jumped out of bed. “what if Baby’s fingers get pinched by the doors?” So I quickly put the U shape door stopper back on my bedroom door… and put one on the girls’ bedroom door too. I woke up at 3am to check on Baby and to switch off the air cond. All was A-ok. Baby was sound asleep and so were Alycia and Sherilyn. I woke up at 6am today and crept out of the house at 6:40am to have a quick run round the neighborhood before Baby woke up. Baby managed to sleep through the night without any fuss and without me next to her, I am proud of her. But I think it’s only a fluke. I’m not too sure if it will work again tonight. Wish us luck.

While Baby slept soundly on Alycia’s single bed, guess where Alycia slept then? At the foot of the bed to make way for her baby sister to sleep on her bed! This morning she told me that she wanted Baby to sleep with her again and does not mind sleeping at the foot of the bed again. Isn’t she the bestest jie jie in the WWW?

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Withdrawal Symptoms

One of Baby’s boops weaning withdrawal symptoms is that she would refuse to nap in the afternoon. We used to nap together in the afternoon and she would latch on to her comfort tools for comfort sucking and would easily drift into lalaland. Ever since she was weaned off my boops, she would refuse to nap, in strong defiance. She would spend all her time playing and eating till no end!! By evening around 6pm, her batteries would be flat and she would doze off on the couch while watching TV with her 2 jie jies. She hardly naps on the bed anymore now.

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Fascinated With Plasters

I was busy working on the PC and Baby was playing by herself. She went into her mah mah’s bedroom and rummaged through her drawers. Then she ran outside to the living room and sat on the couch. Then there was silence for about 15 minutes. I thought she was watching an interesting TV program but when I checked on her, I literally dropped my jaw (I actually opened my mouth wide in shock and in disbelief and then ROTFL) when I saw this:
























Plasters stuck all over her piglet trotters.  I burst out laughing in a guffaw when I saw her legs muahahahahahahahahah! And in her hands were a stack of plasters that she intended to open and stick on her legs and hands too had I not stop her. The next day she did the same thing… and the next… for a few days straight! We did put the plasters high up but this fella pushed her kiddo table to the cupboard, climbed on the table to reach for the Disney cartoon tatoo plasters that my MIL bought from Hong Kong!

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Our Pet Dog

My 3 girls love dogs, especially Cassandra. She always tells me that she wants daddy to buy her a dog. She thinks that a real life puppy is like a toy puppy. She said she does not mind sharing her playpen with her pet dog and would not mind the dog sharing her food too. But that’s a big no-no for me!

We used to have a pedigree Beagle who was very cute. We named him Happy but he did not live up to his moniker and was not a happy dog. Hubby bought him in an impulse purchase about 5 years ago. At that time, Alycia was less than 2 years old and Sherilyn was less than a year old. I had no time for the dog and hubby was too busy with his work. The dog was hardly brought for walks. Happy was always left at our backyard. Though I love dogs myself, I just could not afford the time to care for another ‘baby’ having 2 young babies at that time. Consequently, I think Happy suffered from dog depression and was always in and out of the vet. Hubby spent a fortune on Happy’s vet bills, pet medical supplies and pet grooming supplies. I coaxed hubby to put Happy up for adoption at the vet and he finally agreed to give Happy to a lady who loved dogs.

I still think of Happy very often and wonder if he’s still alive. We lost the contact number of the woman who adopted Happy.   Do you have a pet dog? How much do you spend on pet products for your dog? Having a dog is just like having another child and it is indeed another big commitment. I will perhaps have a pet dog again when my 3 girls leave their nest and I am all alone again.

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Hot Temper

Guess who had a temper flare, pulled the drawer out in anger and yanked the entire drawer out? Thank God the drawer did not land on her feet, which were just inches away and thank God Baby was not standing near the drawer. Can u see how high the drawer was? It was the 2nd drawer of a chest of 5-drawer cupboard. She startled me and scared the sh*t outta me when I heard the loud bang on the floor. I thought Baby or Sherilyn had fallen from somewhere. And thank God the impact and weight of the drawer did not cause a big hole on the floor!

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Do You Detoxify Your Body?

Many years back when I first started working, I felt that my immune system was going downhill. I was very prone to throat infections and colds. I was always making trips to the company’s panel of clinics. A colleague of mine then advised me to go on a fruit and vegetables diet. In this program, she ate fruits only on an empty stomach in the morning. She also made juices from fruits and vegetables several times a week. She lent me a book on this program and I read it with great interest. I found out that by eating fruits, vegetables and fresh juices at the right time, this can aid in detoxifying our body as well as treat a whole range of disorders. Very soon, I followed the program too. Since then, I have been eating fruits only on an empty stomach or half an hour after food. The results were amazing. I felt better, slimmed down, had better complexion and the constant monthly throat infections no longer came to bug me.

All of us need detoxification to remove toxins, heavy metal and accumulated poisons from our body. We are exposed to these through the food that we eat and air that we breathe in. If your body is weighed down with toxins, you will notice such symptoms as fatigue, constipation, weight gain, bloating, digestion problem, among others. If you have never detoxified your body and don’t consume enough fruits and vegetables, it’s time you look for a detoxification program to cleanse your body.

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That Woman Pushed Me!

I just remembered this very embarrassing yet funny incident that transpired at the supermarket of Jusco about 2 weeks ago. There were many booths offering free food sampling and rascal #2 went from booth to booth to enjoy the free samples.

There was a booth that offered sampling of coffee and rascal #2 quickly grabbed a small cup to try. It was quite crowded at the supermarket and suddenly a woman brushed Sher’s hand and she spilled the coffee all over the floor. Being a clumsy girl who spills drinks as often as she drinks them, her reflex action was instantaneous. She retorted in a defensive broadcast, “hey, that woman pushed me mummy, I didn’t spill it. That woman pushed my hand,really!!” It was so loud that everyone within 20 meters of the incident could hear her defensive yell. The one who was the most embarrassed was the woman. As she was walking away, she turned back and looked at rascal #2 and me. She looked embarrassed and felt bad. I had to hush rascal #2 up but at the same time can’t help laughing at my silly girl LOL!!  I then asked my helper to clean up the mess on the floor with some tissue papers.

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One of the things that I must do this school holidays is to go to the bank in Shah Alam to close all my accounts that I have opened in that bank. We used to live in Shah Alam but moved to KL 4 years ago. I have some cash in this bank in Shah Alam. I have been telling myself that I must take a day off and settle this issue and stop procrastinating. With all the accounts closed in the bank, what should I do with the cash? Buy myself some gold jewelries? Or buy myself a DLSR camera? Or perhaps buy gold to invest? I can’t decide. I might just put the cash into the bank again and save them for rainy days!

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Our X’mas Tree

Every year come November for the past 4 years, when it’s time to assemble our X’mas tree and decorate it, I will be reminded of the day that hubby bought the X’mas tree in December 2006. He was unloading the X’mas tree from the car boot into the house and his new MPV was parked outside our house. When he went outside moments later to check on the car, it was gone. Gone in a flash in broad daylight!  The car was locked but it was professionally stolen in just minutes right in front of our house!

3 days ago, hubby brought the X’mas tree back from his office store and the girls had fun decorating it, while singing X’mas songs that they learned from Barney.

The girls having fun decorating the tree with ornaments.  But someone has been plucking the baubles from the X’mas tree and breaking the strings. A gingerbread man was also yanked into 3 pieces!

And the star for the peak of the X’mas tree is missing. We had bought two stars over the years but all were broken by someone. The girls have been badgering daddy to go to Mid Valley Megamall to shop for a new star for the X’mas tree.

This is Alycia in her new dress that I bought for her from a talented mummy who sews pretty dresses for girls.

All I want for X’mas is my 2 front teeth… how apt this song is for Alycia now.  And how I am longing for her 2 front teeth to grown so that she will look pretty again.

Alycia’s pretty Cherry Cluster dress from Niv Niv Handmade . The dress came with a matching headband and Pei Yi was kind enough to sew 2 more pairs of pretty hair clips for my 2 other girls.  The handwork and quality of the dress and hair clips were very well done.  The dress even came with a nice plastic label attached at the bottom of the dress… but my careless helper ironed on the plastic label and ruined the label!!  Boy was I enraged!

Do check out Niv Niv Handmade if you are looking for pretty custom-made dresses and hair accessories for your little girl.

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My Little Acrobat

After 2 weeks of being weaned from my boops, Baby is still suffering from withdrawal symptoms. She has become very rebellious, very whiny and screamy and is resisting everything that I ask her to do… from peeing to napping, sleeping and everything else. Yesterday she woke up from her afternoon nap screaming and then climbed up the dining table chair and continued sleeping precariously on the edge of the chair all curled up in a fetal position, with her tummy and face pressing on the chair seat.  When I tried to carry her back to the room, she screamed and cried and said “I hate mummy, I don’t friend mummy” continuously as if to vent out her pent-up anger that she could no longer seek comfort from mummy’s boops. It looks as if the withdrawal symptoms are getting worse! I hope she’ll get over this after our holiday in Ipoh and Penang next month.

Check out this little samseng, trying to do an acrobatic stunt… and I must say that she’s got really flexible body. I’ll bet she’ll excel as an acrobat!

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Everthing Is Going Up

Our national courier service has recently introduced a ‘volumetric’ charge on parcels that are bulky. Even though the parcel may not be very heavy but if it is big and bulky, the volumetric charge will be imposed. I was recently charge RM23 for 4 storybook pillows and several pieces of kids clothing. The postage charge was exorbitant and I did not know that my parcel was imposed a volumetric charge until my supplier informed me. The price of essential goods and services keep going up. Even the price of gold is going up. I think it would be a good move to buy gold bullion to invest. Who knows that the price of gold will be increased by 10 fold in 10 years’ time!

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Water Baby

Cassandra is another water baby just like Alycia. She loves the pool to bits and is not afraid of the water but sadly, I can’t allow her to swim in the pool. After a post-surgery UTI attack in December last year, which was after a dip in the pool in Hard Rock Hotel Penang, I now have a phobia of allowing her to swim in public pools.

With God’s blessing, Baby is now free from UTI for over 8 months. Each time she sees her 2 jie jies getting ready to follow daddy down to the pool, this fella will zoom to her room, fish out her swimming suit, remove her clothes and wear the swimming suit herself. She will then plead with daddy in the most pathetic and heart breaking voice for daddy to bring her swimming that daddy will relent…. with a hug and kiss for his cutie princess first.. and then bringing her down to the pool. All these while, daddy will put Baby on an inflatable boat-like float or put her on his shoulders so that her bottom will stay dry. But yesterday, Baby was out of control. She was like a little mermaid released back into the water. She was kicking and trying to get out from the boat. Alas, daddy caved in again and took his princess out and allowed her to swim with an inflatable tube round her body. He even immersed Baby’s head briefly under the water and this little mermaid wasn’t even afraid. After about 15-20 minutes of whole body immersion in water and with me nagging till no end, I dragged Baby out of the water. She was screaming and yelling blue murder. I had to carry her up with her arching her back, struggling and bawling. She couldn’t get enough of the water and wanted to continue playing in the pool. She cried for at least an hour… all the way from the pool back to our unit to the bathroom and out from the bathroom… till her eyes were really swollen and nose runny. Sigh…. I pray that Baby will not get a UTI infection anymore. I pray that Baby can continue to swim and perhaps take swimming lessons next year. And I pray that the post-surgery follow-up check up with her surgeon next month will be A-Ok.

My cute little rascal with her Terrible Twos symptoms displayed 100%… and magnified loud and clear! Pray tell it will end soon,really really soon…


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The Tastiest Blueberry Cheese Tarts Ever

My mil made some blueberry cheese tarts the other day and it was really the tastiest, juiciest and freshest blueberry tarts ever, simply irresistible and delicious. It was so nice that the whole batch of tarts were polished off in a day. The pastry was crispy, the cheese filling and fresh cream were not too ‘jai’ and the blueberries were juicy. Oooh, I wish she would bake them again soon! Yesterday she baked a loaf of green tea swiss roll with red bean paste filling and it was really delish too. Today she’s going to bake a loaf of bread with ham, red onion and basil. Can’t wait to try them but darn it, I am guilt stricken as I’d skipped the gym today coz rascal #3 again woke up at 6:30am (again!!) to bug me till no end, sigh….

Are you drooling now?

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Driving Me Bonkers

Baby is now at the stage where she wants to be independent and wants to do everything herself. She wants to feed herself, dress up herself, shower herself and even clean herself up after she had pooped. Yesterday after pooping in her diaper, she refused to have me clean her up. This fella is driving me nuts each time she does her poopie business in her diaper. She just refuses to sit in her potty or the adult potty. Each time I put her on the potty, she will resist pooping, thus I have to let her wear a diaper each time she wants to poop! I have heard of my friends’ kids resisting pooping in the potty and now my very own child is doing it. #1 and #2 were quite easily potty trained.

Anyway back to Baby pooping in her diaper. After pooping, she pushed me away when I tried to clean her up. She then ran to the bathroom, pulled 1 miserable piece of toilet paper, removed her heavily loaded soiled diaper and wiped her bump, then shouted “mummy, I wipe myself”, showed me the pooped filled piece of toilet paper and needless to say, her fingers were stained with poop too. I freaked out big time, quickly dragged her to the bathroom and then right before my eyes, she scratched her head and hair with her poop stained hands – both sides some more, walau, AARGGHHH!!

Today is Day 10 Baby is weaned off my boops. Ever since she went cold turkey off the boops, she has transformed into a little rascal resisting everything that I asked her to do.  She’s also sleeping late at night (around 11pm), avoids napping in the afternoon and wakes up at 6am everyday to bug me.  No gym for me, no me time anymore.   She’s driving me bonkers!  Hopefully next week will be a better week for us both.

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