Accident Prone Cassandra

When Sherilyn was 1-3yo, she was very prone to accidents and gave me umpteen heart-stopping moments. Now, the jinx has moved to Baby, sigh…. and she’s very accident prone too. From the moment she was born up until now, she has given me countless near-faint moments. On the day before our trip to Penang, Baby tripped and knocked her eye on the sharp edge of the drawer in my bedroom in Ipoh. When I saw the dent on her eye lid, I felt like fainting, I kid you not. Her cries and wails were enough to paralyze me with fear. It’s been almost a week and she still has the ‘gray eye shadow’ on the injured eye. Thank God there were no major injuries and she can still see, thank GOD for sending an angel to protect Cassandra again!!

My cheeky Baby at the waiting area outside the surgeon’s office at GMC Penang last Friday…

My Baby never fails to make me laugh with her antics and the things that she says. While waiting for our turn to see the surgeon, she was admiring the colorful mural on the wall.  She made all of us burst out LOL when she went to the drawing of the mushrooms, pretended to pluck all the mushrooms and then pretended to stuff them into her mouth…. and then she went to the drawing of the flowers, ‘plucked’ the flowers and pretended to put them into her pretend pocket, muahahahahahaha!

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