We Are Back In KL

We returned to KL yesterday. My dad drove us all home. After being away for more than a week, my work has piled mountain high and I really don’t know where to start! The feeling is all too familiar.  Years ago when I was still employed, I used to dread going back to work after a long break.  I hated stepping into my room to find a pile of files and papers on my tray.

So this post is going to be a short one since I have lots to do!

We had an early X’mas celebration on Friday last week. After dinner at Moven Peak Ipoh, we went home and had a X’mas gift opening session with X’mas songs played in the background 🙂

My mum gave the girls each a blanket… Baby got a pink My Melody, Sherilyn got a green Sponge Bob and Alycia a blue Sponge Bob. And I got a bedsheet from my mum.

Work aside, my next mission is to shed the 1.5kg I gained during this week-long eating holiday. Gosh, I have been eating and had skipped exercise many days. I got a shock when I saw the red needle pointing at 45.5 this morning, sei sei sei!!  Must control my snacking for the next couple of weeks until the needle points back to 44 hah!

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