Silence Spells Trouble’s Brewing!

The house is often filled with Baby’s chatter, laughter, cries or screams. When she’s around and there’s silence, I can be rest assured that this fella is up to something that’s a bane in the house, like playing with plasters:

And she sure knows how to choose the Disney tattoo plasters over the plain white or beige colored ones…

But lately she has slowed down in her crime as she knows that removing the plasters from her skin could send her yelping and crying in pain haha!

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Gifts For Senior Women

When it comes to shopping for Christmas gifts, I find that buying gifts for ladies aged 50 years and above quite a tall order. I’m not talking about buying gifts for my mum. It’s for friends and relatives that age. Buy them chic clothing, they will comment that they are too old to don on trendy clothes. Buy them chocolate, they will complain that chocolates are too sweet and unhealthy. Buy them perfume, they will complain of feeling dizzy from inhaling the perfume. But if you buy gold bullion and present it to them, I’ll bet they will be all smiles and have not a word of complaint, agree?

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