Home Activities During The School Holidays

Some of the activities that I have planned for the girls during the school holidays include :

1) Doing Math exercises every other day. It’s tough to get rascal #2 to complete a unit of Kumon Math equations.  Tons of nagging and threats are needed everyday.  The moment I’m out of her sight, this fella will be up to mischief!!  So my rule is “no TV, no snacks, no play and no dinner if your Math is not finished!”. It works on my hard-headed girl and sometimes tears shedding happens too.  Just last night, I didn’t allow her to eat her dinner when she took 3 hours to complete 1 page of Kumon subtraction.   She finally finished them all and I allowed her dinner at 8pm.  *evil mum but I’m doing her good *

2) Doing other subjects like BM, English and Science for Alycia. I bought some very good worksheets for her from a book store that specializes in primary school worksheets and workbooks in Ipoh.

3) Playing educational games and reading from the laptop that I had newly bought for my 2 older girls

4) Reading a book everyday.

5) Swimming, drawing and even getting them to massage me as I am having aches and pains all over my body as a result of lifting too much weights in the gym haha!

Here’s Alycia reading a BM story book. My mum got her this book from Tesco and it only cost a few ringgit. There is a collection of more than 10 famous fairy tales, translated into BM in this story book.

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