Sherilyn’s First Spelling, Ejaan And Ting Xie

Last week, Sherilyn got the lists from her teacher in the message book. It’s the lists that I dread doing together with her. I dreaded doing together with Alycia too when she was in pre school and now it’s Sherilyn’s turn. For Alycia, she is pretty disciplined and would dutifully memorize her spelling, ejaan and ting xie every week most of the time. As expected, Sher’s quite the opposite. I need loads of threats and even the whip to get her to memorize her stuff, to complete her homework and Kumon Math that I give her everyday.

Sherilyn’s first spelling list for 6 year olds..

Ejaan list…

Ting Xie…

So whatcha think of the words for final year pre-schoolers (6yo)? Tough? Easy peasy? Average?

And good luck to Sherilyn for her 1st spelling tomorrow!

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15 thoughts on “Sherilyn’s First Spelling, Ejaan And Ting Xie

  1. Tough. I couldn’t even read all the words when I was 6. What more spell? Gosh, children’s life ain’t easy.

  2. I saw Ashley’s ting xie, ejaan and spelling tests schedule last week. Scary! Last year before each test, I would do some revision with her. This year her ting xie looks so tough πŸ™

  3. Freaking tough! I don’t think my kids could spell like that till at least Gr 2 or 3. Who cares, they both made it to Uni! What happened to making learning fun??!! The poor kids in Msia are so overly and unnecesarily stressed.

  4. It is something like primary 1 standard. But it is good in term of getting the kiddos to prepared themselves before entering primary school. They will taste the sweetness later.

    How about 5yo? Do their kindy gives any spelling, ejaan or ting xie for 5yo?

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