Cassandra’s Post Operation MAG3 Scan

Baby’s post operation MAG3 scan of her urinary tract went almost without a hitch on Friday. My motherly instinct was right. Baby was very, very, very brave for she did not let out any cry or whine during the 20-minute IV insertion session on her hand. First the doctor poked her hand with the IV needle but later discovered that it was not properly done and had to remove the line. The IV site on her hand bled quite a bit. The doctor then took 15 more minutes to look for another vein. She had to find a straight vein so that the radioactive dye can go into her veins and into her kidneys and urinary tract. Wavy veins are not suitable and Baby seems to have many wavy, branchy veins. This also explained why her surgeon needed over an hour to find a proper vein during her surgery 2 years ago. Anyway, Baby just lay on the bed, all wrapped up like a mummy and she did not move a bit and throughout the 20-minute ordeal, just let out a soft whimper and grimaced in pain when the doctor poked the IV needle into her hand the 2nd time. She appeared scared but was very very good and quiet. I don’t think any 3YO child or probably adult would remain this calm, quiet and still during such a scary and painful moment. All my mental prep for her for the past 4 months had been successful. Even the doctor was very surprised that a toddler could remain so calm, composed and quiet in such a terrifying moment.

A happy Cassandra moments before the IV-insertion session…

My brave cookie lay as still as a sleeping child on the bed, all wrapped up tightly like a mummy but there wasn’t a cry, a fuss or a whine from her. My presence made a big difference.

Our initial plan with the doctor was that we would not use any sedative on her. But the radiologist strongly encouraged oral sedative so that Baby would not move or chicken out during the procedure. If this happens, the procedure has to be called off and we would need to bring her in again on some other days. And we would even have to pay double. Each procedure costs over RM1,500, excluding doctor’s fees and miscellaneous charges.

And here she is, with daddy bribing her with her favorite Magnum ice cream. She almost puked twice but thank GOD she didn’t. I think it also takes a strong mind to control the vomiting. When Baby was on the verge of puking, I told her sternly that she would need to swallow another dose of meds if she vomited… and she tried very hard to restrain the vomiting. After I had finished feeding her with the 1st dose of the sedation meds (2 doses were needed actually), I told the radiologist to allow me to lull her to sleep. Fortunately she konked out very quickly as I kept chanting to Baby that she had to sleep so that we could quickly go home. See how cooperative my little trooper was!

MAG3 scan in progress, which lasted 40 mins from the moment the radioactive dye was injected thru the IV line until it enters the bladder.

Left kidney and urinary tract perfect function. Right dilated duplex urinary tract and kidneys – functioning pretty well, no reflux and no blockage. I pray that this will be Cassandra’s very last MAG3 scan and last ever procedure she has to go through, apart from the yearly ultrasound scan of her kidneys until she turns 12YO. Thank you Lord, Amen.

Pictures are not very clear as they were taken with my Blackberry and sent from the phone to my Facebook and then from FB copied and pasted to my blogspot blog to be re-sized before transferring them here.

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Post Operation MAG3 Scan Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s the day. The day that I have been dreading for almost 2 years. Exactly 2 years ago, we were preparing for Baby’s surgery, which was held on 5 May 2009, the day that I will never forget. After an eventful stay in the hospital for 3 weeks where Baby was cut up twice, we were told that she will need to do another MAG3 scan 2 years post surgery to see the kidney function and flow of urine again. Though the 1st MAG3 scan 2 years ago showed that the dilated right kidneys on both moities were functioning well and the post operation MCUG scan showed no more kidney reflux, I am nevertheless worried, very very worried of all the ‘what ifs?’

Wish me luck. My motherly instinct tells me that Baby would behave well tomorrow during the procedure. I have promised Baby a big big rainbow ice cream and ‘wolipop’ if she does not cry. Wish us luck. Cassandra needs lots of luck and prayers for a smooth sailing and yell-free session during the insertion of the IV line on her hand, a fuss-free, cry-free, yell-free and whine-free half an hour when the procedure is on-going in the procedures room of the hospital. I pray that she will lie still for the half an hour when the radioactive dye is injected and goes round the urinary tract so that clear pictures can be captured. The procedure will be unsuccessful if she moves and struggles and probably will cost double if it has to be repeated. It costs over RM2K for a procedure and this is not claimable from our insurer.

I hate the thought of donning on the heavy, armor-look like long vest to protect myself against radiation while I am with my baby in the room. And I dislike being in the cancer center of a hospital. It makes me feel very down when I see cancer patients.

to be continued….

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Pretty But Scary!

Baby received this toy for her 3rd birthday recently, that has completed her new miniature hair saloon set:

It’s the head of a doll with long hair complete with a whole range of cool hair accessories for the 2 aspiring hair stylists. No prize for guessing who the 2 budding hair stylists are eh? I would not be a wee bit surprised that in future, these 2 sisters will badger their ever yes-man daddy to send them to the world famous Crystal Lake beauty school in the U.S. to pursue their interest in the field of coiffuring and cosmetics. Would I mind my daughters dabbling in this field? Oh well, maybe not if they attend a good school like the Regency Beauty Institute.

And this head can really scare the sh*t out of you at night when only one light is lit and in your state of grogginess, you stumbled into the head in the middle of the living room, YIKES *creepy*!!

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 5657 Northwest Highway – Crystal Lake, IL 60014

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The Most Versatile Sleeper Ever

Rascal #2 is by far the most versatile sleeper / napper ever. She can nap and sleep at just about anywhere and while in the midst of doing just about anything, in particular whilst eating food that she dislikes like veggie. Every night from 8-9pm, I will be chanting the same old words to her, “quickly finish your food”, “swallow your food”, “you’ll be grounded if you don’t finish your food”, blah blah blah. I know she already has immunity to such nagging but truth is, I have no choice but to chant those words, else the food will end up in the bin UNLESS I cook food flavored with lots of soy sauce, dark sauce and MSG to whet her appetite. This girl will have no problem eating salty and heavily seasoned food.

Yesterday while having dinner at a nearby coffee shop, she dozed off while chewing on some spinach…

Batteries running flat….

Batteries flat!

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Wholesome Pancakes

Today I made pancakes for the girls. Normally I would use organic wholemeal flour but the other day, I bought a pack of PanJack pancake flour to try. For added nutrients and protein, I added 2 big scoops of milk powder and 3 eggs into the batter.

The result was REWARDING! My girls loved the pancakes. They were crispy on the sides and soft in the middle. I also added some scraped block Cheddar cheese into the batter and used butter to fry the pancakes, which made the pancakes really fragrant and mouth watering. The wafting aroma of the butter melting in the pan as it cooks the pancake batter can really drown someone who is on a low carb diet… and seduce her to succumb to a whole slice of the delish sinful morsel.  Yup, I succumbed to a whole slice of the sinful delight… with drizzles of maple syrup too *guilty !!*

Baby impatiently digging into her pancakes.

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Lizards And Roaches Trap

Warning! If you freak out and get the creeps at the sight of those cold, ‘geli’ reptiles, do not scroll down k.

With just 1 trap, I managed to trap 4 lizards that had been leaving behind their poop everywhere on my kitchen table tops for the past year….

Told yer, this sight is indeed GROSS ya!!

Very effective lizards and roaches trap which cost only RM6++ for a box of 5 traps.

And I discovered that lizards are smart creatures too! After trapping over 6 lizards over a period of 3 nights, a baby lizard knew that the trap would cost it its live if it creeps into the box. I saw a baby lizard on the wall next to the box staring at the box with its family members trapped inside… but it just did not go near the box.

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Jig Saw Puzzle Buff

Knowing that she’s a jig saw puzzle aficionado, Baby received jig saw puzzles as birthday pressie for her 3rd birthday recently.

The jig saw puzzles were all educational ones, which came in all sizes and fashion:

Huge alphabet jig saw to help her learn her ABCs …

Spelling jig saw, which is more suitable for pre-schoolers. This has to be kept for another year or 2 before she can play with it…

Animals and baby animals jig saw. This is interesting…

This is Baby’s favorite as the pieces are big and suitable for her age…

And she is one very ambitious little girl.  She can solve up to 5-6 jig saw puzzles (and fix her favorite ones twice or thrice) in an afternoon and forgo her afternoon nap.

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Kids Say The Darndest Things

Baby is champs when it comes to fixing jig saw puzzles. The Disney hard cover book cum jig saw puzzle which I ordered for her arrived yesterday. Today after completing the puzzle on 1001 Dalmations, she told me that she loves dogs.

Baby – mummy can you buy me a dog?

Me – where’s the dog going to sleep? Can it sleep with you on the bed?

Baby – NO!!

Me – then where is it going to sleep?

Baby – in the cage?

Me – and where are we going to put the cage?

Baby – outside the house…

Me – but those bad people will steal our dog, how?….

Baby – errr, then we put it in the dark room?

Me – then the poor dog cannot see anything and it will be very bored inside the dark room, how?

Baby – then we on the lights?

Me –  you will waste electricity and the dog will still be very bored in the dark room alone. It will be very sad.

Baby – then put the cage on the table (dining table)?

Me – CANNOT! Then where are we going to put our dishes when we eat??

Baby – (thinking hard for ideas LOL!!) errrr…..then we put it in the kitchen?

Me – but our kitchen is so small. If we put the cage there, nobody can walk inside the kitchen.

Baby – errrrrrrr…… then we don’t buy a dog la! But can we buy a toy dog?

Me – yes! Can the toy dog sleep with you on the bed?

Baby – NO!!

Me – so where is the toy dog going to sleep?

Baby – errrrrrr…… then we don’t buy a toy dog la!

Besides being a jig saw puzzle aficionado, my little rascal also loves being my model. She’s now my online store’s official model for kids clothes!

Malaysia’s future Amber Chia in the making…

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When You Grow Old

Baby has a weird habit of pooping only in her diapers. Put her in the throne, her body will be switched off to constipation mode. Today after pooping in her diaper, some of the pee leaked out onto her legs and floor. It freaked me out to see ‘poop soaked pee’ on the floor! After wiping the floor with disinfectant, I hurriedly carried her to the bathroom… by carrying her under the armpit, which put a great strain on my beat up back. As I was washing her butt in the bathroom, this was our conversation:

Me – baby, why don’t you poo poo in the potty huh? You are killing me with this. My back will break if I carry you like this. You better take good care of me when I grow old. I love you so much now. Will you take good care of me when I grow old? Will you carry me and wash me up when I grow old? Will you love me very much too when mummy’s old ?

Baby – I will carry you and wash your ‘phet phet’ (our term for the down under haha!) when you poo poo. I will wash your diaper and panty. I will put you on the potty ok?

Then she whispered this to me, in a guilty tone but with a sheepish smile :

Baby – But I will cane you if you don’t eat your food ha ha ha…

Me – WHAT? How can you say that? God will punish you if you cane your mother. It is a sin.

Baby – no lar, I won’t cane you ha ha ha…

Then later in the evening when I was dressing Baby up, she said this to me : “mummy, when you grow old, I will wash your phet phet after you poo poo, I will also wear diaper for you and wash your panty ok?”

I wonder if I will live to a ripe old age to watch my girls go to Uni, watch them walk down the aisle with their other half, enjoy my grand kids and my grand kids’ kids. And if I do, I wonder if I will be healthy enough to savor the last journey of my life. I certainly don’t want to burden my girls and have them wash my pooped up phet phet and change my pooped out leaking adult diapers! Never!

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My IT Savvy Girls

In this age and technology, every kid that I know of is  IT savvy.  They play with iPad, iPod, PSP2 or other android gadgets. Unlike us – 30 years ago, where we only climbed trees, flew kites, played marbles, catching, played in drains and caught tadpoles after a downpour, cycled round the neighborhood the whole evening without getting our parents worried that we may be kidnapped or get hit by a vehicle. Being a ‘kiasu’ mum, my hubs and I bought the girls a laptop about 2 months back, so that they can do all they want with the laptop, explore and learn…. while I am busy on my desktop PC.  And I am really glad that we bought them the laptop as my 3 girls can now master the laptop very well. My 2 older girls know how to google search for books, songs, games and they love reading from the laptop.

Baby knew how to maneuver and navigate the mouse very well after just 1 lesson from me and from lots of observation on how mummy does it over the past 3 years… and she was a few days shy from her 3rd birthday when she mastered the mouse.  I was very, very surprised that her motor skill and dexterity were so good, after being shown just once how to do it. She even tells me “mummy, go to the side bar and scroll up and down with the mouse!”

Her favorite past time is now spent at You Tube where she is spoilt for choice to choose thousands of educational songs.  You Tube is such an awesome website for kids to learn their ABCs, 123s and nursery rhymes.  You can even choose kids songs that come with lyrics.

Watching her favorite Alvin sing ABC…

Learning numbers too…

Baby hogging the laptop while jie jie teaches her how to google search for Barney and other cartoons…

My Generation Z kid deeply absorbed in her laptop… I tell yer, she is really really proud of her  new found feat – the ability to choose the songs and movies that she wants and click on them to watch them! My next mission is to teach her to recognize all the letters of the alphabet and numbers so that she can read.

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Ditch The Elevator For The Stairs

… and that’s what we have been doing for the past 1.5 months. It was my mil who started this practice, the idea of which my girls love and have been supporting….. and we have been using the stairs to get to the 5th floor of our unit whenever we are not in a hurry to go to school or other classes.

If I add up the calories that I burn from climbing 5 flight of stairs everyday, the total calories that I will burn in a week is enough to reward me with 2 or 3 ice creams or fatty cakes treat every week without the fear of that bulge!

… and I get to teach Baby her numbers too when I point out to the number on each floor that we stop at!

Best of all, my girls think it is really fun and adventurous to pace up the stairs and see who the winner is!

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Cassandra’s 3rd Birthday Celebration

It was a day filled with fun and activities for Cassandra, which started from 8am through midnight.

In the morning, daddy brought us to Lake Gardens (Taman Tasik Perdana). I never knew that Lake Gardens is so happening now with so many parks within this park. Some of the parks include the Butterfly Park (it’s the largest covered butterfly park in the world), Dinosaur park (no dinos whatsoever!), Bird Park, Herbal Park, Deer Park, National Planetarium, among others. There are also several man-made waterfalls, fountains, 2 huge playgrounds and lush greenery surrounding this ginormous park.

The girls on the tram with daddy. We only paid RM2 for a ride which lasted over 20 minutes for 3 adults and 3 kiddos. Cheap and worth it!

Alycia who is the bestest jie jie in the WWW to Cassandra brought along her purse when we went to the nearby mini mart.  She treated her baby sister to the duck ride at the mini mart and wanted to buy her a pack of color pencils. However, at the check out counter, she realized that she didn’t have enough money LOL!! Anyway, it’s the sweet thought that counts.

3 very happy sisters @ the birthday dinner @ Oriental Restaurant, Jaya 33.  Baby’s fairy tutu dress arrived at my doorstep in the nick of time… several hours before the dinner. I hand-washed it and later used a hair dryer to dry the dress… while my sil helped me stitch up the dress a little to shorten it for my petite girl.

For those of you who have ‘FBed’ me, you can check out more pix in my Facebook.

Happy Sunday peeps!

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Cassandra Is 3 Today!

My baby girl is 3YO today! We have been out from 8am and just got back. Now I have a pile of work to complete so this is just going to be a very short post… with more pix of our celebration with her in the next few days to come.

We spent the whole morning at the Lake Club park (Taman Tasik Perdana). Got home, had a late breakfast and then brought #2 to ballet. To kill time while waiting for her, we had lunch at Hailam Kopitiam then did some shopping at a mini mart. The girls are having their batteries charged now. Tonight we’ll be having dinner at a Chinese restaurant with some close friends and my brother and sil from Singapore.  Baby can’t wait to cut her 2kg Telly Tubbies cake!

My jig saw puzzle aficionado… she fixed this puzzle with help from her 2 sisters. The puzzle is for 4YO and above.

Happy weekend to everyone!

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Little Earnest Teacher

Sherilyn’s mood will normally be lifted after an outdoor activity or after engaging in some activities that she likes. When she’s in a good mood, she will dutifully bring out her homework and Math work books to start working on them. Or she will teach her baby sister ABCs and 123s! She can be very very good if she wants to and can be horrid when she’s in a foul mood or wakes up on the wrong side of the bed!

Here, Sher’s teaching her baby sister ABCs… after spending the whole morning outside the house.  We had gone for a morning walk and did some exercise on one Sunday morning. Well, the more oxygen that goes into our brain and body system, the better the brain functions.  I used to bring Alycia and Sherilyn for walks and runs everyday without fail before Baby came along. I knew how beneficial exercise is to a growing child (and to adults too for that matter) and how important oxygen is for our brain.  Shame on me that I have laxed on our exercise regimen terribly ever since Baby came along.  I must must must make an effort to start the girls on a regular exercise regimen again.

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Choosing Her Birthday Cake

My baby girl will turn 3YO on Saturday. 2 days ago, we brought her to the bakery for her to choose her birthday cake. For weeks, this fella has been telling us that she wanted a red Telly Tubby cake. There was a period of time when she was obsessed with Telly Tubbies and would watch it 3x a day! She claims that the red Telly Tubby is her, the yellow is her #2 jie jie and the purple one her #1 jie jie, how imaginative 😀

The cake shop owner gave us over 10 albums and after flipping through a pile of albums, we finally found some sample Telly Tubby cakes!

And so her birthday cake will be a 2kg chocolate moose cake in the shape of 3 Telly Tubbies!

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Computer Crashed

My desktop computer crashed on Friday when someone turned off the main switch to the computer.  I know that shutting down a computer the improper way will cause harm to the computer but I never knew that the problem can be so severe.  The CPU has  been admitted and I can only get it back tomorrow.  Some important programs were corrupted when it was running and the power turned off abruptly. This morning, I realized that I am seeing cob webs in my blogs and I better do something about it though I am very very busy.  I have 13 ads to complete and a huge pile of stock lying in the living room of my house waiting to be packed and sent out.  I was not able to sort them out as all my customers’ data are stored in the hard drive of my desktop PC.

My parents came last week for a few days and left yesterday.  My mil will be leaving for HK today and she will spend a few months in New Zealand.  I think she will be away for over half a year this time.  My sil from Singapore is now in KL and will be here for over 2 weeks.   Good thing she’s around as she can help me babysit my girls and coach them in their Mandarin homework.

I have taken some pix with my brand new Canon IXUS (which my hubs gave it to me for my birthday 🙂 ) but do not have the time to upload them yet. The resolution and quality of the pix taken with this camera is WAY BETTER than my old Olympus digital camera.  So this blog will be without pix for another 1 to 2 days until my desktop PC is back.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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