Computer Crashed

My desktop computer crashed on Friday when someone turned off the main switch to the computer.  I know that shutting down a computer the improper way will cause harm to the computer but I never knew that the problem can be so severe.  The CPU has  been admitted and I can only get it back tomorrow.  Some important programs were corrupted when it was running and the power turned off abruptly. This morning, I realized that I am seeing cob webs in my blogs and I better do something about it though I am very very busy.  I have 13 ads to complete and a huge pile of stock lying in the living room of my house waiting to be packed and sent out.  I was not able to sort them out as all my customers’ data are stored in the hard drive of my desktop PC.

My parents came last week for a few days and left yesterday.  My mil will be leaving for HK today and she will spend a few months in New Zealand.  I think she will be away for over half a year this time.  My sil from Singapore is now in KL and will be here for over 2 weeks.   Good thing she’s around as she can help me babysit my girls and coach them in their Mandarin homework.

I have taken some pix with my brand new Canon IXUS (which my hubs gave it to me for my birthday 🙂 ) but do not have the time to upload them yet. The resolution and quality of the pix taken with this camera is WAY BETTER than my old Olympus digital camera.  So this blog will be without pix for another 1 to 2 days until my desktop PC is back.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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