My IT Savvy Girls

In this age and technology, every kid that I know of is  IT savvy.  They play with iPad, iPod, PSP2 or other android gadgets. Unlike us – 30 years ago, where we only climbed trees, flew kites, played marbles, catching, played in drains and caught tadpoles after a downpour, cycled round the neighborhood the whole evening without getting our parents worried that we may be kidnapped or get hit by a vehicle. Being a ‘kiasu’ mum, my hubs and I bought the girls a laptop about 2 months back, so that they can do all they want with the laptop, explore and learn…. while I am busy on my desktop PC.  And I am really glad that we bought them the laptop as my 3 girls can now master the laptop very well. My 2 older girls know how to google search for books, songs, games and they love reading from the laptop.

Baby knew how to maneuver and navigate the mouse very well after just 1 lesson from me and from lots of observation on how mummy does it over the past 3 years… and she was a few days shy from her 3rd birthday when she mastered the mouse.  I was very, very surprised that her motor skill and dexterity were so good, after being shown just once how to do it. She even tells me “mummy, go to the side bar and scroll up and down with the mouse!”

Her favorite past time is now spent at You Tube where she is spoilt for choice to choose thousands of educational songs.  You Tube is such an awesome website for kids to learn their ABCs, 123s and nursery rhymes.  You can even choose kids songs that come with lyrics.

Watching her favorite Alvin sing ABC…

Learning numbers too…

Baby hogging the laptop while jie jie teaches her how to google search for Barney and other cartoons…

My Generation Z kid deeply absorbed in her laptop… I tell yer, she is really really proud of her  new found feat – the ability to choose the songs and movies that she wants and click on them to watch them! My next mission is to teach her to recognize all the letters of the alphabet and numbers so that she can read.

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