When You Grow Old

Baby has a weird habit of pooping only in her diapers. Put her in the throne, her body will be switched off to constipation mode. Today after pooping in her diaper, some of the pee leaked out onto her legs and floor. It freaked me out to see ‘poop soaked pee’ on the floor! After wiping the floor with disinfectant, I hurriedly carried her to the bathroom… by carrying her under the armpit, which put a great strain on my beat up back. As I was washing her butt in the bathroom, this was our conversation:

Me – baby, why don’t you poo poo in the potty huh? You are killing me with this. My back will break if I carry you like this. You better take good care of me when I grow old. I love you so much now. Will you take good care of me when I grow old? Will you carry me and wash me up when I grow old? Will you love me very much too when mummy’s old ?

Baby – I will carry you and wash your ‘phet phet’ (our term for the down under haha!) when you poo poo. I will wash your diaper and panty. I will put you on the potty ok?

Then she whispered this to me, in a guilty tone but with a sheepish smile :

Baby – But I will cane you if you don’t eat your food ha ha ha…

Me – WHAT? How can you say that? God will punish you if you cane your mother. It is a sin.

Baby – no lar, I won’t cane you ha ha ha…

Then later in the evening when I was dressing Baby up, she said this to me : “mummy, when you grow old, I will wash your phet phet after you poo poo, I will also wear diaper for you and wash your panty ok?”

I wonder if I will live to a ripe old age to watch my girls go to Uni, watch them walk down the aisle with their other half, enjoy my grand kids and my grand kids’ kids. And if I do, I wonder if I will be healthy enough to savor the last journey of my life. I certainly don’t want to burden my girls and have them wash my pooped up phet phet and change my pooped out leaking adult diapers! Never!

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