Kids Say The Darndest Things

Baby is champs when it comes to fixing jig saw puzzles. The Disney hard cover book cum jig saw puzzle which I ordered for her arrived yesterday. Today after completing the puzzle on 1001 Dalmations, she told me that she loves dogs.

Baby – mummy can you buy me a dog?

Me – where’s the dog going to sleep? Can it sleep with you on the bed?

Baby – NO!!

Me – then where is it going to sleep?

Baby – in the cage?

Me – and where are we going to put the cage?

Baby – outside the house…

Me – but those bad people will steal our dog, how?….

Baby – errr, then we put it in the dark room?

Me – then the poor dog cannot see anything and it will be very bored inside the dark room, how?

Baby – then we on the lights?

Me –  you will waste electricity and the dog will still be very bored in the dark room alone. It will be very sad.

Baby – then put the cage on the table (dining table)?

Me – CANNOT! Then where are we going to put our dishes when we eat??

Baby – (thinking hard for ideas LOL!!) errrr…..then we put it in the kitchen?

Me – but our kitchen is so small. If we put the cage there, nobody can walk inside the kitchen.

Baby – errrrrrrr…… then we don’t buy a dog la! But can we buy a toy dog?

Me – yes! Can the toy dog sleep with you on the bed?

Baby – NO!!

Me – so where is the toy dog going to sleep?

Baby – errrrrrr…… then we don’t buy a toy dog la!

Besides being a jig saw puzzle aficionado, my little rascal also loves being my model. She’s now my online store’s official model for kids clothes!

Malaysia’s future Amber Chia in the making…

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