The Most Versatile Sleeper Ever

Rascal #2 is by far the most versatile sleeper / napper ever. She can nap and sleep at just about anywhere and while in the midst of doing just about anything, in particular whilst eating food that she dislikes like veggie. Every night from 8-9pm, I will be chanting the same old words to her, “quickly finish your food”, “swallow your food”, “you’ll be grounded if you don’t finish your food”, blah blah blah. I know she already has immunity to such nagging but truth is, I have no choice but to chant those words, else the food will end up in the bin UNLESS I cook food flavored with lots of soy sauce, dark sauce and MSG to whet her appetite. This girl will have no problem eating salty and heavily seasoned food.

Yesterday while having dinner at a nearby coffee shop, she dozed off while chewing on some spinach…

Batteries running flat….

Batteries flat!

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