Pom Pom Girls

Daddy bought Sherilyn a set of gold colored pom pom so that she could practice her ballet movements at home. I also bought her the CD with the music of her ballet exam pieces so that she could practice at home.  Sherilyn will be sitting for her ballet exam in 2 weeks. So far, she’s been very enthusiastic about it. In fact, she’s more enthusiastic in ballet than reading or doing her homework. I hope that her interest will not wane off over time when the teacher gets stricter as she progresses to the next higher levels.  Among some of the virtues that a ballerina must possess are discipline and lots of hard work, and I am not sure if Sherilyn can persevere when her lessons get tougher.

..and she’s also teaching her baby sister how to perform pom pom dance. When these 2 girls get together in a jovial mood, I can be sure to see lots of dancing, prancing, singing and of course fights too!

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