A Busy Week

Have been pretty busy since Sunday – with preparing the girls for their mid-term school exams and with my online store business. Despite the hectic, I brought the girls to my good blogger friends’ kids’ birthday picnic at TTDI park on Sunday to allow the girls some time off to breathe in some fresh air. Thankfully my mum and sil are around to help me coach the girls. Without my mum and sil around, I will surely turn into a headless chicken panicking as both Alycia and Sherilyn’s exams fall on the same dates. I must admit I have not been doing constant revision with my girls everyday and as usual, I normally only spend 1-2 days to do some last-minute revision with them.

Picnic at TTDI Park to celebrate Barb’s Ashley’s and Annie’s Fearles and Cruz’s joint 6th birthday.

During revision, rascal #2 is always full of crafty ideas to stall time and can never sit still for more than 15 minutes.  She’ll walk round the house, pull a high stool to the study table to sit.. with another chair behind the stool…

… put on her rings, pretend to look for her pencils, erasers, sharpen her pencils, say she’s thirsty, hungry, sweaty, cold, blah blah blah, just to avoid doing revision or anything that has to do with her books!!

My Nanny 911 revising with the girls…

To distract Baby from disturbing her 2 jie jies, I let her hog the lappie. This babe is really good with the laptop and knows how to set up the laptop and log on to all her favorite websites on her own!

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