My First Movie In The Cinema In 9 Years… And Cassandra’s First!

Can you believe that I have not stepped foot into a cinema for over 9 years?? Well, I finally entered a cinema a few days ago and that was my first ever movie in over 9 years! Ever since I was pregnant with Alycia, my first born right until now, my life have been revolved around only babies HAHA! I was pregnant every other year since year 2003. With young kids, it’s almost impossible to enjoy a nice and peaceful movie.

30 May 2011 was Cassandra’s first ever cinema experience and we watched Kung Fu Panda 2. This fella could hardly sit still. For the first half an hour, she was rocking her butt in the foldable chair and enjoyed having her butt folded by the chair LOL! She ate pop corns non stop despite me warning her to stop. Darn it that I could not shout at her, lest I get reprimanded for disturbance. Then she walked up and down the aisle to say hello to her sisters and daddy. Finally, I had to give her my weapon, the boobies to shut her up and to lull her to sleep!

After the movie, we had an early dinner at Carl’s Junior…

Then took some pix at the Centre Court where there’s a display of the Pirate of the Caribbeans big ship and treasure chests…

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