Canadian 2For1 Pizza

We saw a Canadian Pizza delivery guy at the lift of our condo about 2 months ago and got a business card from him. 2 weeks ago, we finally ordered some Canadian Pizza to have them delivered to our door step. We were skeptical on the taste initially but after the pizza meal, my brother, sil, 3 girls and I were very satisfied with the pizza. The crust tasted very fresh, though the only downside was that it was pretty thick for a so-called thin crust. We actually ordered 3 thin crust pizzas. We are all fans of crispy thin crust pizzas. Thin crust = lesser white flour = healthier = lesser carbs = lesser fat 😀

The ingredients on the pizzas tasted fresh and delish too. Our favorite flavor was the mushroom pizza with lots of cheese.  My girls hated the olives though and I was the beneficiary of all the olives that they singled out.

And this is Baby’s slice of pizza – with lots of green veggie cut into tiny bits as pizza topping. This fella is one very constipated toddler and I have to force feed her with veggie everyday. With green veggie as pizza topping, she did not whine a wee bit and walloped 2 slices of pizzas in a jiffy!

Our next try is Papa John’s pizza and we have the flyer stuck to our fridge door. My girls are so looking forward to the next pizza delivery.

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