Homecooked Jar Jiang Mien

As I was reading the newspapers the other day, I came across a very delish noodle dish that I was very sure my fussy kids would love. Plus it’s simple to prepare too. So the same week itself, I whipped up Jar Jiang Mien.

Ingredients needed are:
– Minced pork
– Julienned carrots (for garnishing and meant to be eaten raw. However, I partially cooked the julienned carrots so that they are easier for the kids to swallow)
– Julienned raw cucumber (for garnishing). Advisable to use Japanese cucumbers as they have lesser seeds.
– Chopped spring onions
– Bean paste (tau cheong)
– Chopped garlic and onions
– A dash of pepper, soy sauce and sugar for the minced pork.

After blanching the noodles, I added about 2 tablespoons of sesame seed oil to the noodles and mixed them well, in order to prevent the noodles from clumping up. Plus, the aroma from the sesame seed oil would add flavor to the noodles and minced pork combo.

For the minced pork, brown some minced garlic and onions together with the bean paste. Stir fry until fragrant and minced pork turns brown and dry. Add in some water and adjust taste to suit yourself.

Instead of using wheat or white flour noodles noodles, I used a healthier alternative – organic spinach noodles.

The girls walloped all the noodles and did not fuss about having the same food for dinner again. Imagine eating Jar Jiang Mien for lunch and dinner and there was not a word of complaint from my pernickety girls… and I  got orders from them for Jar Jiang Mien again!  You can also cook a big portion of minced pork and deep freeze them in smaller portions for future consumption.

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