Frigging Hot Weather

The weather in KL has been frigging hot, stuffy and humid for the past few weeks. Though it rained yesterday, today the skies look hazy and I can even smell the familiar hazy smoke from the 5th floor of our unit and when I walk outside. Whenever there is no rain for 2 days in a row, the weather will be so hot that it’s unbearable…. for me. I’m one who cannot stand hot weather and the sweltering sun. I mentioned once in my blog that the weather actually decides my mood for the day. When the big bright sun is out and shining on us, I am moody and grouchy. But when the skies are gloomy with an impending thunder storm, my mood switches instantly. That’s one of my idiosyncrasies ^^

On a hot sweltering day, I could only wish that I could run round the house topless like this rascal.   But the only way to keep myself cool is to shower myself 4-5x a day and sprinkle nice smelling cool talcum powder all over my body to keep the prickly heat rashes at bay.

My way of keeping Baby cool when the temp is above 35 degrees Celcius is to let her run round the house in her birthday suit plus the panty. My rule is that air conditioners are kept off limits during the day. Even with this, our electricity bill is RM400+ a month!

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