Scardy Cat

She may be bold, confident and a dare devil but when it comes to watching horror movies filled with suspense, this fella is a real scardy cat. Caught her using a cushion to cover her face on Sunday when everyone was watching an old horror flick filled with suspense, muahahahahaha!!!  Sometimes, she will leave the couch and walk to her room when the suspense is too much for her to bear But she will walk occasionally back to the living room where the TV is to peep peep… to check what’s going on, really hilarious this rascal.

And Baby is a movie junkie too, just like her 2 che ches and she understands everything that’s going on in the movie. Well, what can I say. Their daddy is a movie junkie too who has a huge collection of DVDs.  Even his new car now has a TV with 2 screens – one in front and one at the back *shake head*

No. of times viewed = 271

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