Kids Say The Darndest Things

This morning after exercise at the park, hubs asked the girls if they would like to have breakfast at Ficelle Boulangarie.  Ficelle is our latest favorite patisserie for breakfast. As usual, Sherilyn would defy upfront whatever our choice is for her, whether it is food, clothing and just about anything else. Everyone voted for Ficelle and since the majority wins, Ficelle it was for breakfast. Sherilyn was sulking but when the food came, this fella enjoyed the most. She has always enjoyed a breakfast of sausages, ham, toast and half boiled eggs.   As she was enjoying her food, Baby who was seated in front of Sherilyn announced loudly and sarcastically “I thought someone doesn’t like to eat here?” I was amazed to here that from my 3-year old baby girl. She has always been vocal but saying that with such sarcasm to her sister, she sounded anything but a 3-year old who is still in diapers. Everyone laughed at Baby’s wittiness and mockery of her 2nd che che.


My 3-yo model wannabe…


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