Terrified of Snakes!

Lately, I found a very effective way of getting Baby to stop whining and screaming. Each time she whines and yells, I will scare her by telling her that the snake is somewhere near us, in its sleep. With her screams, snaky will be jolted from its sleep. Snaky will then swallow her up in one mouthful since she is so tiny. This never fails to stop Baby from screaming and crying. But I wonder how long this tactic will last. Very soon when the novelty wears off, this rascal will start to scream and whine again to get things her way.

So how did the snake story come about? The guards at our condo recently caught a huge phyton snake and another phyton is now at large. We dare not even walk at the jogging tracks now, lest we stumble upon the snake.  Oh yea, I told Baby that daddy snake has been caught while mummy, che che, kor kor and other family members of the daddy snake are still around, watching her and waiting to pound on her if she ever screams * evil mummy*

A few nights ago, my tactic back-fired and Baby dared not sleep with her 2 che ches on the bed. On the first night she heard about the snaky story, she woke up at 4:30am, knocked on our door and asked me to accompany her back to sleep.  On the 2nd night, again she refused to sleep with her sisters. So I let her be and put our new queen size foldable mattress on the floor, next to our bed. She slept soundly without fussing till the next morning. Though she is still very much afraid of the snake now, she can nevertheless sleep with her che ches in the girls’ room through the night.  Baby is not the only one who is  terrified of the snake, Alycia is just as terrified of the snake and once she hid under her blanky when I told her about the phyton.  But not rascal #2.  She is the queen of dare devils!

Camping with daddy and mummy…

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