Our Weekend

My girls look forward to Saturdays and Sundays as I will bring them to the park in the morning. After jogging and playing in the park, we will walk to the nearby coffee shop to have breakfast, then walk home. After 1-2hours of fun and exercise, I find that their minds are better conditioned to start doing their homework and other academic stuff.

Get, set and go…. with backpack.

Walking at the lobby of our condo.

This morning, we did not go to the park but went for a walk at the jungle trail at our condo compound. While walking, Sherilyn stumbled upon a huge gold fish on the grass and it was dead! We were all very surprised to see a dead gold fish on the grass. Some inconsiderate tenants must have flung their pet fish out of the window, how disgraceful! Anyway, when we walked towards the guardhouse, Baby waved to the guard and announced “hey guard, there’s a dead gold fish over there!!” We all broke out in a guffaw LOL!

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