Clandestine Snacking!

For weeks, I had been eyeing the last stick of Mini Magnum that had been sitting in the freezer. Each time I opened the freezer door to take bread and frozen dish, the Mini Magnum seduced me invitingly. But my girls were always around. Today, my cough is better. I was itching to rip apart the Mini Magnum wrapper and sink my teeth into the crispy chocolate coating and cold luscious, creamy milk. I had an opportunity finally. Baby was playing. Rascal #2 was playing too. The maid had gone done to wait for Alycia. But I had to do it quick. Alycia would be back anytime. Baby would notice me missing from my work area. I covertly went to the fridge, opened the freezer done and quietly removed the Mini Magnum very carefully so that the sound of the aluminium wrapper will not rouse suspicion. Kids are ultra sensitive to the sounds of ice cream wrappers or sounds of the junk food bag.  You yell at them and they seem deaf but the sounds of junk food shaking in the bag would raise their ears up instantly!

I made a quick dash to the wet kitchen, quickly ripped the wrapper apart and then sank my teeth on that sinful carb. Woohoo, very nice feeling and I could feel some of my stress melting away. I quickly chewed and swallowed. I heard Baby calling out for me. Then I heard Alycia and the maid’s voice at the door. They had returned!! OH NO!! Baby then yelled out “mummy, I want to wee wee!!!” 4-5 times. I ignored her and tried to gobble the whole damn ice cream down my throat but darn it, it was too cold and my mouth and forehead got numb!!! I quickly put the remaining 1/4 of the ice cream in a bowl and quickly sneaked it back to the freezer. Alycia greeted me and I attended to Baby’s needs. No one suspected and noticed that mummy had chomped down the last Mini Magnum hahahah! After washing Baby up and fixed Alycia’s lunch of homemade fried noodles, I discreetly took the remaining quarter Mini Magnum out from the freezer and with one mouthful, finished off the decadent sin. You may ask why I have to do it so discreetly? That’s because the kids have a slight cough too and I don’t want them to eat ice cream. Phew, what a life having to eat like a thief!  I will miss the suspense of clandestine snacking when my brood leave the nest 12 years down the road.

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