Rat Stories

A few days ago, my mum told the girls and I about the family of rats that have been breaking into the house by nibbling on the piece of wooden plank that my mum places on the floor at night to cover up the gap between the door and the floor to prevent rodents and roaches from crawling in. After making tiny holes on the piece of wooden plank by biting on it, the mummy rat made her way in and gave birth to a bunch of baby mice inside the rattan basket that my dad places dried garlic and ginger on the floor. The rats also ate the bananas that my dad hung on the window and the ginger in the basket. My mum joked that the mother rat ‘in confinement’ must have eaten the ginger so that she could produce more milk LOL!!

So much about rat stories, I was scared out of my wits when I almost stepped onto a big rat while we were having a lunch of dim sum at a dim sum restaurant in Ipoh Garden yesterday. When I got up from my seat to get tissue papers from the bag, Sherilyn screamed, I looked down and screamed blue murder too and zoomed off from the place when I saw the fat rat just inches away from my feet. Eeeuuuuuu, so geli to be almost touching the fat fury ball of  squeaking rodent. My tummy churned and I lost my appetite instantly.  I’ll bet my Geronimo Stilton craze Alycia would be glad to pick the rat up to give it a cuddle LOL!! Apart from the rat scare, my dad was burning mad when the waitress over-charged him with 2 plates of dim sum that we did not order. The sei fei por even had the cheek to say that the bill was correct when we all agreed after a long argument that we were over-charged. That’s it. That will be our last visit to this dim sum restaurant!

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8 thoughts on “Rat Stories

  1. i was about to ask u if dim sum at this shop is good since we will be stopping by in ipoh for the first time this friday for dim sum, until i read your last part, hahaha…..so i think better stick to foh san hor…

  2. Barb, yup the rats are still at large. My mum had to spray Ridsect on the floor every night to prevent them from creeping in, sigh.. The shop is Kao Lee.

    Chin Nee, yalor I think best stick to Foh San. Tastes better too.

  3. Shireen, there is this rat repellant stuff at Daiso. The smell is pretty strong for the first half hour when you scatter them around. Non-toxic though. Another thing that may deter them from coming in is using black pepper. Scatter them outside the house or wherever the rodents are. I have used that in the office. It works the first few times. The pungent smell is scary for the rats. If all else fail, get the glue…hehehehe. Ok, i will definitely avoid Kao Lee 🙂

  4. Barb, yup these pests are very smart. The first few times i used the sticky glue house, I trapped so many lizards. After a few days, the lizards are smart and they never went inside again until many mths later… where I only caught 1!

    Elaine, yes ipoh has many other stuff to eat, esp hawkers’ food. Dim sum can be eaten anywhere. Even KL has a Foh San.

    Moon, indeed gross!

  5. wa…what a dirty place. I used to eat dim sum at the reputable restaurant, but the service damn poor, took very long time, the waitresses like just wake up from sleep. We cancelled several orders and walked out the door because others were doing the same, tired of waiting, just paid whatever is there and walked out.

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