Alycia’s Newest Obsession – One Piece!

A few nights ago, my eldest was so happy that she could not sleep. Daddy came home and told her that he had gotten her a surprise, which is something that she likes very much. Today he gave the bag of surprise to Alycia, which is a bag of One Piece figurines bought from China Town at only RM20 for 6 different figurines. What is One Piece? Go ask your school-going kids la, they will know better 😀  I had no frigging idea what One Piece was until I saw Alycia google searching this character from the laptop and drawing them. She would lock herself in her room and draw them for hours! The One Piece characters look like some scary looking Japanese manga warriors and hooligans. I wasn’t surprised or shocked to see her drawing stuff like these as she has always been a fan of similar scary looking creatures and characters. She once liked Animal Kaiser, Plants vs Zombies (I have banned her from playing this game or drawing them, lest she turns into one living zombie!) and Angry Birds. Now her obsession is with One Piece *roll eyes and shake head*

I wonder why she does not like Princesses, Barbie, Hello Kitty and other girly characters. I am truly disappointed. But I am hopeful that this is only a temporary phase, which she will eventually get over and done with. Pictures of Alycia’s toys collection up next…

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