Valentines Day 2012

I never expected to get a bouquet of flowers from my dear hubs this Valentine’s Day. Ever since the girls came along, our Valentine’s Day came and go without much fanfare, except for a cake. And we normally get a cake just so the kids could have fun cutting, blowing the candles (1 candle each for the girls to blow) and eating it, while we capture the occasion on camera and camcorder. No more exchange of gifts from the both of us anymore for I think it is a waste of money. So getting a bouquet of flowers from him this year came as a big surprise, albeit I still do think that it is a waste of money to be spending over RM50 on a bunch of flowers and leaves which will go to the bin a few days later. Yep, I am this unromantic but down right practical… ever since my girls came along! Ever single sen and ringgit we spend unnecessary matters a lot to me now. It ain’t easy to bring up 3 kids in an expensive city, what more sending them to university. Anyway, I am very glad that he took the trouble to try to “sweep me off my feet” again hehe. Actually I had forgotten all about Valentines Day until early this morning when he gave me a peck on the cheek and said “happy Valentines Day”.

The bouquet of flowers from my man…

How did you celebrate your Valentines Day?

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11 thoughts on “Valentines Day 2012

  1. I have the same thoughts as you, that money spent on flowers especially when the price of it is hiked up to an obscene level, is a total waste. My hubs also thinks e same, do not relish in spending on expensive dinners that would have cost half on any other day for the same meal. But then again, love takes the better of him, and I received a bunch too, with two teddies. To save on delivery, he delivered them himself. Happy that our men can still be romantic over practical at times.

  2. at least you still got flowers….me get flowers during courting days only, now we celebrate with little sweetheart tag along and have a fine dining.

  3. aww..that is so nice of him. i am practical too and think that it’s a waste of money to buy gifts like that but it would be nice to get a surprise like this once in a while. you are lucky 🙂

  4. Very sweet of your hubby! Yes, we dont ceelbrate Valentine’s Day anymore once we have kids. And we have to pay more on such day too. Valentine’s Day is for those new lovers and youngsters. hehehe!

  5. so sweet of your hub. I just cook something different for dinner that night but hub still prefer normal chinese dinner to be served on the table. Betul-betul china-pek, hence he said flowers and gifts are a waste of money 🙁

  6. so sweet of your hubs… I, too think it is a waste of money to spend on a bunch of roses on this over commersialised day. I would prefer a bunch of roses when he feels to be romantic day on a random day. I would be super surprised and feel flattered. Last time, we would normally eat out a day or after V day… why spend unnecessary money leh .. somemore the Vday menu was not that great too..

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