Learning All Over Again For Me

The Bahasa Malaysia that Alycia is learning in Standard 3 is getting tougher now.  I get really stunned each time I read her BM books and BM workbooks that I have bought for her to practice. The vocab that the Standard 3 kids is learning now is much deeper than my time 3 decades ago. I see many ‘flowery’ words scattered on every page. Even the BM for Standard 1 is tough, as compared to other subjects like English and Math.  Teaching my girls suku kata, kata ganda nama, simpulan bahasa, penjodoh bilangan, kata majmuk, etc in Sistem Bahasa or Tatabahasa is like attending a refresher course in BM for myself!  Their text books and other school books do not explain and expand much in many areas.  Thus, my need to spend quite a bit on workbooks and worksheets, which I normally buy from a school work books wholesaler in Ipoh.  I then study the Tatabahasa myself before explaining them to Alycia.

Thank God I bought this BM workbook on Tatabahasa for Alycia. It explains when saya, aku, awak, engkau, anda, baginda, patik, hamba, etc are used in different scenarios.  A lot of memorization is needed for this as she hardly speaks in BM. In fact, Tatabahasa is all about memorization, frequent memorization and frequent usage too, else what goes into the brain at the point of memorizing will only go out after a few days.  Her school books do not explain very clearly and systematically and she told me that her BM teacher did not give them this list which I find is very important.

Tomorrow Alycia will be sitting for her 1st term exam and the first subject to be tested on is BM. I have no idea how she will score well when she does not practice speaking in BM and does not like to read BM books (despite me buying storybooks in BM for her and coercing her to read them). The only thing I can do to help her is to make her practice doing BM workbooks every other day and force her to memorize the relevant sections in Tatabahasa before her exam. This stresses me up as she will sulk and turn crabby each time she is told to do the BM workbooks.  While Tatabahasa can be mastered through memorization, Pemahaman requires quite a bit of effort on the kid in terms of reading and putting what she has learned into practice.

Good luck to Alycia! I hope you’ll still get a score of 80/100 and above.

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