Using Fun Quiz To Do Revision With My Kids

Alycia and Sherilyn are not the type who can sit for hours on end at the table to do revision for their exams or even to do their homework. Alycia is a tad more disciplined and well organized. She knows the meaning of urgency and she knows the consequences of her actions. Sherilyn is the exact opposite. She is fearless! Sherilyn is one who needs me to be seated next to her to ‘spoon-feed’ her, spoon by spoon and telling her what to do. I think she needs attention, loads of them. The moment I leave the table to pee or to get a drink, this rascal will bounce out from her seat and stray. I can never ever leave her alone to do her homework or to do revision, else nothing gets done. Teaching her can really wear off the patience of even the most patient of person. Lately, I even have suspicion that Sherilyn is dyslexic for she often shocks me with her output. She cannot seem to remember or memorize things that her teachers and I have been teaching her since her pre-school days up until now. She cannot seem to remember concepts and she is not very good with her spelling and ejaan. Classroom style of teaching bores her terribly and can lull her to sleep! Many times, she bawled when I told her to read her Sukukata, do Math and other academic stuff.

However, when I try to tweak the teaching method into something that creates fun and competition, I notice that all of a sudden, Sherilyn has found where she had left her brain behind and has put it back into her head. I always tell Sherilyn to look for her missing brain and put it back into her head whenever she does not remember a single thing that I have repeatedly taught her. The other night, on the eve of Sherilyn’s English test, I did a quiz on Common Nouns and Proper Nouns in the kitchen. The quiz was between Alycia and Sherilyn. I told them to name me a few things on the kitchen top that are Common Nouns and a few things that are Proper Nouns. I could see the excitement in them as they raced with each other to find the answers. The next time Alycia and Sherilyn have school exams, this is just what I am going to do to test them. I can use an exciting quiz to test them on Tatabahasa and English Grammar.

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