Ready For Pre-School

My baby girl will be 4 next month.  Initially I wanted to delay sending her to pre-school and plan to only register her when she turns 4.5 years old.  But since the start of this year, I observe that she is more than ready to start pre-school. She now knows her ABCs, 123s, all her colors and shapes, knows how to speak in BM and starting to learn how to speak in Mandarin and recently she even knows how to do simple addition using her fingers. She always tells me that she wants to go to school, is yearning with all her heart to participate in the concert and even aspires to give speech in the concert and be the top student! She adores to bits being a ballerina too. The only thing that is holding me back in sending her to school and ballet classes is a minor post-op problem that she is facing with her bladder. Well, hopefully attending pre-school will in a way help to ‘train’ her ‘lazy bladder’.

Cass learning spelling from the iPad2…

… and learning simple addition too.

So it’s confirmed. My baby girl will go to pre-school in April, just a few days shy of her 4th birthday!

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