The Girls Welcomed Their New Baby Cousin

We finally got to meet a new addition to our family – baby Raelyne (BBR), who is the first child of my eldest brother and sil in Singapore. Though BBR was born in December last year in Singapore, her very belated full-moon party was only held yesterday at the pool-side of our condo.

The girls were absolutely delighted to meet their new cousin and doted on her! Though all the attention is now diverted to BBR, Cass who was once the baby of the family with all the attention doted on her was the least bit jealous. She doted on BBR with so much love. That morning before the arrival of my parents, brother, sil and BBR, Alycia and Sherilyn spent the whole morning in their room making a card for their kau foo and kam moh. They went through their box of ‘old treasure’ and recycled their toys as gifts for BBR 😀

The girls were really delighted to have a living doll to play with – a doll who could cry, laugh, gurgle and blow raspberries! Baby handed over her favourite First Few Years stacking cups to BBR and was very generous with parting with all her once loved toys except for her smelly pillow, which she was a tad reluctant to lend BBR, LOL!

Delectable spread of food at the buffet table… the food was prepared by hubs who is a food caterer (Catermate). Check him out if you need a caterer to help you plan your function 😀
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My parents, brother, sil and BBR have just left today. The girls miss them so much and can’t wait to have the next reunion, which we hope will be next month in KL again.

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