Verbal Diarrhea

My youngest rascal is into a verbal diarrhea lately, very articulately that is. She out-talks me and ‘corners’ me many times. And she is becoming more and more like rascal no. 2 in that she is picking up the dilly-dallying habit from her, oh gosh of all the traits, she has to pick up dilly-dallying!! She takes forever to drinks her cup of water, milk, eat her fruits and meals. She is sounding so much like Sherilyn now!
2 days ago while showering Cassandra, she promised me that “I will not dilly dally tomorrow” (meaning yesterday). True, she kept her words and she finished off her water, milk, fruits and breakfast rather quickly in the morning yesterday. But today, she dilly dallied again. When I reprimanded her this morning…

Me – Baby, you broke your promise. You promised me that you will not dilly dally anymore. I am so disappointed with you….
(when she was about to open her gap to defend herself, I could read her mind 100% and anticipate what was about to be purged out from her mouth)

Baby – I said I promise for ONE day only.. I didn’t say TWO days or forever!!

Me – NO, you didn’t say ONE day!!

Baby – YES I DID!!

When I heard those words, I was floored! I was again verbally assaulted by my almost 4-YO and yet-to-attend-preschool daughter. I hope she will put her gift of gab to very good use and not use it to torture me mentally in time to come!

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