Of All The Electronic Gadgets…

The little assistant will take over the helm each time the big boss takes her shower at night.  It has always been the big boss’ ‘directive’ that absolutely no one can touch the desk top computer during the day. They have the lappie and the iPad2 to use, so the desk top computer is totally out of bounds, lest some important business data is wiped off at the wrong click.  So this rascal would feel really ‘honored’ to be given the approval to sit at the big boss’ chair for half an hour, on condition that she touches no other tabs but the tab that is put on screen for her.

Cassandra reading from www.storyplace.org, a great website for free online kids’ stories while waiting for the big boss to shower.  Of all the digital gadgets that we have – iPad, laptop, android mobile phones and the desktop computer, my girls still prefer the one with the largest screen.  Me too. Nothing beats reading from a wide screen, easy tapping on the keyboard and loud speakers 😀

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