Of Water Color Painting

Sherilyn has been struggling to do her Art homework, especially with water color painting ever since she entered P1. According to Sherilyn and Alycia, the Art teacher did not show them the proper way of doing water color painting, i.e. how much paint to use, how much water is needed to dilute the paint, how to do shading, color tone and all that jazz. What kind of Art teacher is that?! Yesterday, her Art homework was to do a water color painting of sea creatures under the sea. All of us had a good laugh at Sher’s painting when she painted one of the fish dark grey with thick paint, which turned out to look like a piece of badly burnt fish at the bottom of the ocean. After laughing, I felt terribly bad as I too did not show her the correct method of painting. How could I have laughed at her when it was not entirely her mistake? So she had to redo her piece of art work today.

Today, I decided that I just have to show Sherilyn once and for all the basics of water color painting and color tones. After all, yours truly was an A1 scorer for the subject of Art all through her secondary school years (in Science stream), ahem! I must thank my mum for sending me to a very good Art tuition teacher who made drawing and painting such an interesting subject for us to learn. She had also brought out the artistic side of me. But after I left school, I have never held a paint brush to do a proper piece of painting. Today I did water color painting again, my first in 22 years! And I am glad that I still remember the techniques of painting and color toning *satisfied grin* The moment I started to paint, all my fond memories of water color painting that I did over 20 years ago took over me once again. But I did not have the time to show my girls more, much as I would love to as Sherilyn had to get ready to attend ballet class. I would love to teach my daughters painting but due to time constraint, I think I would have to leave this job to the Art tuition teacher, which I hope to engage very soon to teach them drawing and painting.

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