Out Of Her Dilly Dallying Habit Now!

For the past 1 week, rascal #2 has been getting herself ready for school pretty early. Her daily morning daydreaming and dilly dallying have been reduced significantly and I do not need to help wash her up, dress her up or to comb her hair every morning anymore!! And the source of what motivates her is ?? Well, some old newspapers! Alycia and Sherilyn’s school has this ‘sell old newspapers to raise funds’ long-term project where all the students are encouraged to bring old newspapers to school for the project. The student who brings the most old newspapers in the class will get a small token of appreciation.  Whenever she dilly dallies and gets late preparing herself for school, she will have NO newspapers for the school!  And if she can get herself ready early, she will get a big bag of old newspapers from me!   And this is what motivates her!  Also  she wants to have her hair kept long – I told her that if she can proof to me that she can get herself ready for school early every morning without my help, she shall have her long locks!  Something that is so simple and inexpensive can bring my 7YO girl out of her hardcore dilly dallying habit, that’s something that I ought to be proud of and I have been praising her and encouraging her non-stop to keep up her good behavior. But do you know who’s the new little Miss Dilly Dally in the house now?

My Princess wannabe in her ballet character skirt, which she loves to bits!

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