Everyone Can Be Slim If They Set Their Mind On It

I believe everyone can be slim if they set their hearts and mind towards being slim. I know that I can be very fat too if I do not control what goes into my mouth and fall prey to lack of discipline. Despite my hectic life being a WFHM, I force myself to squeeze out at least 30 to 40 minutes of my very limited time every morning to exercise. Being married to a man who is in the food business with a family where everyone enjoys good food, I have myself turned into someone who enjoys traveling to every nook and corner to tuck into some good food too! So if I am not disciplined enough in my exercise regime, I am darn capable of doubling up my size in a matter of months!

My exercise regime every morning involves 20 minutes of running in the outdoor and another 15-20 minutes of working out on the air walker in the gym. I get ‘high’ from the adrenalin flowing in my body each time I exercise. And it is during this time that my clogged up mind will unclog by itself. My creative juices trickle out too. Some of my friends have asked me if I am working out in the gym to build some muscles but no no, having bulky muscles on the hands and calf is the last ‘asset’ that I want to have, albeit sadly I already have those muscular runner’s calf. But I’m proud to say that I do not have those ‘grandma’s flabby arms’ yet but still have pretty firm upper and lower arms 😀 But for those of you who are aiming to build some muscles, you can work on them in the gym with those weights and google search on how build muscle, where you will get thousands of search results.

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4 thoughts on “Everyone Can Be Slim If They Set Their Mind On It

  1. I love to have a body of toned arms, tights and abs. I don’t mind at all, if I have gained some muscle in my workout. As of now, I am still not satisfied with my abs and hips. I certainly need to work out harder

  2. I’d so love to have toned arms too…a la Angelina Jolie. And working out with the arms also helps out my pancake chest! Re: bulky calfs…I think part of it is genetics. My sis has them but she does not work out( our aunt has prominent calfs too and she is sedentary). I do gym and yoga and mine aren’t so bad. I agree most people(including kids) are not active enough. Most prefer to resort to “slimming” pills and potions.

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