Eve of The Eve Of Cassandra’s 4th Birthday – 7 April 2012

We spent the eve of the eve of Cassandra’s 4th birthday at Publika @ Solaris Dutamas yesterday.  First we had breakfast at S.Wine Cafe Deli @ Ben’s Independent Grocer. For those of you who like porky meals, S.Wine (swine = pig) is a must-go place as you will find a good number of unique porky dishes on their menu. I shall blog about this in another post later.

After lunch at S.Wine, we did some grocery shopping at the B.I.G supermarket. This supermarket carries an amazing wide choice of fresh meat products, wine, expensive specialty gourmet products, gourmet sausages, gourmet coffee and cocoa products, dairy products and much more for both gourmet needs as well as for regular grocery needs. Price wise, I have to say that most of the products here are more expensive than other supermarkets. But it is indeed a very pleasurable experience shopping at B.I.G. One must not step foot into this supermarket when she/he is hungry, lest the grocery bill burns a big hole in your pocket!

After grocery shopping, we went to Wondermilk to get some cupcakes for Cassandra. The cupcakes are for her to celebrate her birthday with her friends at Sunday School today.

Tomorrow will be Cassandra’ actual birthday. We may get her another cake so that she can have a candle-blowing and cake-cutting session with her new classmates.

Botanical, one of my favourite sections after the gourmet meat section at B.I.G. Here, you can experience plucking your own hydroponic veggie directly from the hydroponic pots. That’s how fresh the veggies are.

Cassandra choosing her cuppies at Wondermilk….

Cassandra’s cuppies, which the girls called Happy Birds as they have smiley faces unlike Angry Birds which have frowning eye brows … A box of these colorfully decorated mini cuppies cost RM75.

Cassandra celebrating her birthday in Sunday School today, which was a joint birthday celebration for January – April toddlers cum Easter party.

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