Pinky Promise Mummy

The least most coveted Miss Dilly Dally title now goes to Cassandra! She has now taken over the title from Sherilyn. Her daily early-morning-before-school-dilly dallying is driving me bonkers, just like how Sherilyn did when she was in pre-school. I got so fuming mad with her yesterday that I blew up and transformed into a Tiger Mom with nasty words pouring out of my mouth like lava. She was teary eyed and so was I, caused by the seething anger. I told her that if she ever dilly dallies again, I will never ever walk her to school again and she will have to beg someone else in the house to walk her to school. We both walked to school sulking at each other yesterday. Her eyes were still red when she entered school. When I picked her up from school 4 hours later, the burning anger in the both of us had settled.

Cassandra – mummy, why are you smiling at me now? Why were you angry with me just now?

Me – because I don’t like you dilly dallying like your er jie. Can you remember what you had promised me just now?

Cassandra – er yes… I will not dilly dally again ok? Pinky promise ok? …. and then gave me her little pinky to hook with my pinky as an agreement to end her dilly dalliness! Oh well, I shall see….

Drop dead jaded after a day’s outing on Sunday.

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