Instant Noodles Minus The Guilt!

Maggie mee (my girls’ way of labeling instant noodles) is my girls’ all-time favorite comfort food. That is because I hardly prepare instant noodles for them.   Even if I do, the sachet of flavouring with MSG is not added into the soup or noodles. And there will be other side dishes like eggs, seaweed, fish paste and veggie to accompany the noodles to make up for the lack of nutrients just from the noodles.

On days when I am too tied down with work, I will whip up meals that I can prepare in a jiffy with minimal preparation and cleaning up like sandwiches, cold green tea noodles, Udon and instant noodles, like this one:

Instant noodles flavored with sesame seed oil, a few drops of thick soy sauce and sodium-reduced soy sauce. It would taste better with fried onion oil but due to time constraint, I skipped this. Well, the noodles was tasty enough without the fried onion oil or the sachet of MSG. I also made some pan-fried Terriyaki chicken fillet and sliced up some cucumbers to dispel heatiness.  Every strand of noodles was polished off!

No doubt, the forbidden food always tastes oh so good! Actually, even I love instant noodles but only allow myself a rare treat of a few slurpfuls once in a blue moon. My ideal bowl of instant noodles is one which is soup based and curry flavoured, topped with spam meat or a  jumbo sausage, an egg and lots of shredded cabbage. Simply divine and satisfying but I have not had this sort of comfort meal for exactly 10 years, ever since I found out that I had PCOS and had to stave off carbs from my diet.

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