Hot Stuff

Not only does my 4-year old baby girl love curry dishes, she can even stomach wasabi beans! The love-for-food genes from her daddy is definitely flowing in her blood. She loves food just as much as her daddy and can eat more than me I kid you not. But she’s still as skinny as a stick, probably because she does not drink sugar-laden formula milk powder and eats very little sweet snacks. Not that she does not like sweet snacks and junk food but it is me who is controlling the junk intake. If I allow her to eat junk food as and when she fancies, she can feast on them and treats those junk food as her lunch or dinner, which would be easy peasy for me as I do not need to sweat myself out cooking healthy meals 2x a day.

This cili padi polished off a packet of Kasugai wasabi-flavored beans and showed no signs that the wasabi was too spicy for this little hot stuff!

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