Our Weekend

We had finished eating dinner at home at around 8pm last night but when daddy came home at around 8:30pm, he said he felt like having Japanese food. So we all had another round of dinner at the Japanese restaurant downstairs. I felt like chomping down the Chawan Mushi and grilled salmon fish. Thank Lord for my steel-strong will power, I manage to resist them and ate only a bite or two of every dish that came. It ain’t easy to remain slim despite having a hubs who is in the food and beverage industry and who lives to eat!

The girls with daddy at the Japanese eatery at our condo last night…

Alycia was so so full she said she felt like puking and could not sleep though it was almost midnight LOL!! This morning hubs brought all 3 girls to the park to burn off some calories…. before having a jaunt at Chinatown (Petaling Street) later.

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